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SUSAN AUSTIN, author and educator, lives in Berkeley, California, the setting for The Bamboo Garden. The year is 1923 and a terrifying fire not only threatens to destroy all of Berkeley but also an unusual friendship. A hobo's mysterious wooden nickel, a runaway rabbit, and the anti-Japanese mood of the day come together in a story of friendship, prejudice and courage. The cover for The Bamboo Garden was created by Felicia Hoshino.

Writing has always been a part of Susan's life, first as an educator and now as an author for children. With a Ph.D. in social studies and multicultural education, Susan is drawn to the challenge of writing historical fiction, the perfect genre for exploring important themes: multicultural awareness, respect for diversity, and social justice. Currently she is putting the finishing touches on her latest book set in Capitola, California (1924) entitled
Just the Ticket: A Summer Adventure-by-the-Sea.

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