AsianElegance-w.jpg (38813 bytes) Asian Elegance:  Quilting With Japanese Fabrics and More

By Kitty Pippen and Sylvia Pippen; Martingale & Co., 2003

Includes patterns for patchwork, quilting, appliqué; creative designs and fabric combinations; pb $24.95 


The Beginner's Guide to Braiding:  The Craft of Kumihimo

By Jacqui Carey; Search Press, 1998 

Step-by-step photographs guide the beginner through six projects in this ancient craft of Japanese braiding; pb $15.95


The Book of Kimono:  The Complete Guide to Style and Wear

By Norio Yamanaka; Kodansha International, 1982

Covers history, aesthetics, textiles, patterns, colors, types of kimono, obi, accessories, innovations, men's kimono, kimono care, kimono etiquette; pb $28.00


ChineseKnotsForBeadedJewelry-w.jpg (36926 bytes) Chinese Knots for Beaded Jewellery

By Suzen Millodot; Search Press, 2003

Sixteen projects including necklaces and bracelets using decorative Chinese knots, beads, pendants, and semi-precious stones; with clear step-by-step directions, color photographs; pb $19.95


ChineseKnotting-w.jpg (44761 bytes)

Chinese Knotting:  Creative Designs that are Easy and Fun!

By Lydia Chen and The Editors of Echo Books; Echo Publishing Co., 1981; HC $24.95


FlowerOrigami-w.jpg (49151 bytes) Flower Origami:  Fabric Flowers from Simple Shapes

By Kumiko Sudo; Breckling Press, 2004

Twenty flower designs on quilt blocks with patterns and directions for a variety of home/fashion accessory projects; guidance on sashiko stitching and other Japan-inspired embellishment techniques; pb $29.95


Fun With Chinese Knotting:  Making Your Own Fashion Accessories and Accents

By Lydia Chen; Tuttle Publishing, 2007

HC $26.95

HarmoniesHurricanes-w.jpg (54790 bytes)

Harmonies & Hurricanes - Color and Line in Japanese Quilts

By Kumiko Sudo; NTC Publishing Group, 1998

Twenty-eight original quilt designs; seven complete quilt patterns with step-by-step diagrams and templates; myths and stories of inspiration; 125 full-color photographs; pb $27.95


JpseCountryQuilting-w.jpg (39948 bytes)

Japanese Country Quilting - Sashiko Patterns and Projects for Beginners

By Karen Kim Matsunaga; Kodansha International, 1990

Includes introduction, section on tools and techniques, projects, sources of supplies, bibliography; pb $25.00


JpseFishermens-w.jpg (45887 bytes)

Japanese Fishermen's Coats from Awaji Island

by Sharon Sadako Takeda and Luke Roberts; UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, 2002

A historical ethnography of the Japanese fishing villages that produced the sashiko no donza, or fisherman's coat; HC $50.00; pb $30.00


Kakejiku-w.jpg (50253 bytes) Kake-Jiku:  Images of Japan in Applique, Fabric Origami, and Sashiko

By Kumiko Sudo; Breckling Press, 2006

Fifteen designs to create quilt blocks or home accents styled after traditional Japanese kake-jiku or display scrolls; pb $29.95


Kimono-w.jpg (42434 bytes)

Kimono:  Fashioning Culture

By Liza Crihfield Dalby; University of Washington Press, 2001

Traces the history of kimono-- its uses, aesthetics, and social meanings-- to explore Japanese culture; pb $24.95


KokoroNoTe-w.jpg (62195 bytes) Kokoro No Te:  Handmade Treasures from the Heart

By Kumiko Sudo; Breckling Press, 2005

A collection of 30 projects including purses, totes, keepsakes, fashion pins, sewing kits, thimbles, and more; pb $27.95


KyuutoAmigurumi-w.jpg (31217 bytes) Kyuuto!  Japanese Crafts:  Amigurumi

By Tomoko Takamori; Chronicle Books, 2007

More than 20 different animals and creatures to crochet; pb $14.95 


MakeYourOwn-w.jpg (46146 bytes) Make Your Own Japanese Clothes:  Patterns and Ideas For Modern Wear

By John Marshall; Kodansha International, 1988

Includes step-by-step instructions to make 14 select traditional garments from the luxurious wedding robe and the classic kimono to the informal hanten jacket and practical field pants; pb $28.00


MakingKumihimo-w.jpg (44226 bytes) Making Kumihimo Japanese Interlaced Braids

By Rodrick Owen; Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, 2004

Includes the history, equipment, materials, methods of creating single-braid and double-braid designs with patterns; HC $27.95


MrFunky-w.jpg (40191 bytes) Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful

By Narumi Ogawa; North Light Books, 2007

Thirty plus Japanese-style crochet patterns for making Amigurumi animals for play and trendy accessories for wear; pb $16.99


Omiyage-w.jpg (45385 bytes)

Omiyage - Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition

By Kumiko Sudo; Contemporary Books, 2000

Discover the Japanese art of gift giving with forty-three original designs that transform scraps of cotton or silk into gifts with simple origami-in-fabric techniques; presented with complete, step-by-step directions, easy-to-follow drawings, and color photographs; pb $21.95 


QuiltingJpseFabrics-w.jpg (34986 bytes)

Quilting with Japanese Fabrics

By Kitty Pippen; Martingale & Co., 2000

Includes eight quilt patterns from simple mosaics to Japanese octagonal designs and Crazy patchwork, plus over 40 photos of Japanese-style quilts; pb $24.95


SashikoEasy-w.jpg (36271 bytes)

Sashiko - Easy & Elegant Japanese Designs for Decorative Machine Embroidery

By Mary S. Parker; Lark Books, 1999

Includes introduction, projects, pattern dictionary, bibliography, index; pb $17.95


Shibori-w.jpg (62502 bytes)

Shibori - The art of fabric tying, folding, pleating and dyeing

By Elfriede Moller; Search Press, 1999

A modification of traditional techniques used with silk, velvet, and other modern fabrics; pb $17.95


Shibori:  The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing

By Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Mary Kellogg Rice, Jane Barton; Kodansha, 1999; pb $48.00


TemariHowToMake-w.jpg (34110 bytes)

Temari - How To Make Japanese Thread Balls

By Diana Vandervoort; Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1992

Includes introduction, history of Temari, wrapping technique and instruction for nine balls and two egg designs; pb $18.00


TemariTraditions-w.jpg (42067 bytes)

Temari Traditions - More Techniques for Japanese Thread Balls

By Diana Vandervoort; Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1995

Includes more advanced methods and techniques including use of ribbons, rayons, cottons, and metallics; pb $17.00


TemariTreasure-w.jpg (32236 bytes)

Temari Treasures - Japanese Thread Balls and More

By Diana Vandervoort; Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1996

Nine ancient traditional thread ball patterns; silk ribbon embroidery, quick and elegant tassels; koma, a wrapped ornament children can make; simple yet thorough instructions; pb $22.00


UltimateSashiko-w.jpg (43448 bytes) The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook:  Patterns; Projects, and Inspirations

By Susan Briscoe; KP Books, 2005

Contents includes:  A Sashiko History, Getting Started, Projects (Long Samplers, Greeting Cards, Coaster Collection, Momoyama Table Mats, Sampler Cushions, Sashiko Tote Bags, Noren Curtain, Kinchaku Bags, Zabuton Cushions, Moyozashi Table Runner), Pattern Library, Inspiration Gallery, Bibliography, Suppliers, Index; pb $24.99


Wagashi-w.jpg (42025 bytes) Wagashi:  Handcrafted Fashion Art from Japan

By Kumiko Sudo; Breckling Press, 2007

Twenty fabric-art projects including jewelry, purses, fashion accessories, gifts; pb $27.95

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