Basic Japanese Conversation Dictionary

By Samuel E. Martin; Tuttle Publishing,  reprint 2000

English-Japanese, Japanese-English; over 6,000 of the most commonly used Japanese and English words; pb $6.95


The Compact Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary (based on the Revised Version of the Classic Edition)

By Andrew N. Nelson; abridged by John H. Haig; Tuttle Publishing, 1999

An abridged version of the revised; the task of looking up a main-entry kanji with introduction of the Universal Radical Index (URI); pb $27.95


DictJpseCulture-w.jpg (22791 bytes)

Dictionary of Japanese Culture (Japanese-English)

By Setsuko Kojima and Gene A. Crane; Heian International

Dictionary of romanized Japanese terminology; HC $19.95


DictJpseFood-w.jpg (28842 bytes)

Dictionary of Japanese Food:  Ingredients and Culture

By Richard Hosking; Tuttle Publishing, 1997; pb $16.95


DictJpseParticles-w.jpg (24838 bytes)

Dictionary of Japanese Particles

By Sue A. Kawashima; Kodansha, 1999; pb $22.00


Japanese Names For Babies

By Aiko N. Uwate and Koichi Takeuchi; TV Fan Company, reprint 2002

A revision of Ms. Uwate's original book of the same name printed in 1982; also now includes information on festivals such as Girl's Day and Children's Day; pb $12.00


The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary

Edited by Jack Halpern; Kodansha International, 1999; pb $42.00


Let's Learn Japanese Picture Dictionary

By the Editors of Passport Books; illustrated by Marlene Goodman; NTC/Contemporary Publishing Co., 1992

Includes picture, English equivalent, Japanese equivalent in roomaji and hiragana / katakana or kanji; also Japanese-English/ English-Japanese Glossary and Index; HC $11.95


MartinsConcise-w.jpg (35001 bytes)

Martin's Concise Japanese Dictionary (English-Japanese/ Japanese-English)

By Samuel E. Martin; Tuttle Publishing, 1994

Fully romanized with complete kanji and kana; pb $18.95


Martin's Pocket Dictionary (English-Japanese / Japanese-English)

By Samurel E. Martin; Tuttle Publishing

Over 18,000 entries; all romanized, with kana; pb $12.95


The Modern English-Nihongo Dictionary - A Comprehensive New Japanese Language Resource

Kodansha International, 1997

Over 6,000 entries with furigana and romanized Japanese; sample sentence or phrase for majority of entries; pb $48.00


The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary

By John H. Haig and the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures University of Hawaii at Manoa; Tuttle Publishing

Updated revision of The Original Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary; with Universal Radical Index; HC $49.95


RHWebstersJpseEngDict-w.jpg (20586 bytes) Random House Webster's Pocket Japanese Dictionary - Japanese-English/English-Japanese

Random House, 1996

Over 20,000 entries; includes Romanization and Japanese characters; pb $8.99






70JpseGestures-w.jpg (32174 bytes) 70 Japanese Gestures

By Hamiru-aqui; translated by Aileen Chang; Stone Bridge Press, 2004

A whimsical illustrated introduction to 70 gestures; pb $9.95 


250EssentialKanjiI-w.jpg (46360 bytes)

250 Essential Kanji For Everyday Use Volume I

By the Kanji Text Research Group, University of Tokyo; Tuttle Publishing, 1993

Twenty-one lessons teach 250 kanji characters most frequently seen in daily life in Japan; includes readings, meanings, stroke order, common compounds, and derivations of the kanji; pb $19.95


250EssentialKanji2-w.jpg (41257 bytes) 250 Essential Kanji For Everyday Use Volume 2

By the Kanji Text Research Group, University of Tokyo; Tuttle Publishing, 1997

pb $22.95

Bits and Pieces:  51 Activities For Teaching Japanese K-12

By Japan Council of International Schools; Kodansha International, 1997; pb $20.00


CompleteIdiotsGuide-w.jpg (35578 bytes) The Complete Idiot's Guide To Conversational Japanese

By Naoya Fujita, Ph.D.; Penguin Group, 2002

Includes one-hour "listen-and-learn" practice CD; also includes quick and easy techniques for proper pronunciation, essential phrases, expert advise for successfully navigating Japanese culture and more; pb $24.95


Easy Japanese Crossword Puzzles - Using Kana

By Rita L. Lampkin;

Forty-seven crossword puzzles to learn and practice Japanese vocabulary and grammar; pb $6.95


Easy Japanese Crossword Puzzles - Using Roomaji

By Rita L. Lampkin; NTC/Contemporary Publishing, 1998; pb $5.95


Easy Kana Workbook:  Basic Practice in Hiragana and Katakana for Japanese Language Students

By Rita L. Lampkin and Osamu Hoshhino; NTC Publishing, 1991; pb $9.95


A Guide to Learning Hiragana & Katakana:  First Steps to Reading and Writing Japanese

By Kenneth G. Henshall with Tetsuo Takagaki; Tuttle Publishing, reprint 2003; pb $14.95


Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese  (Third Edition):  A Comprehensive Guide to the Japanese Writing System

Compiled by Florence Sakade; Revised by Kenneth Henshall, Christopher Seeley & Henk de Groot; Tuttle Publishing, 2003

Includes 1,006 Essential characters arranged by grade; 1,945 General Use characters arranged by stroke order; pb $22.95


Handy Japanese - The Basics in 50 Easy Lessons 

By Tom Gally; Kodansha International, 1995

Book and 90-minute tape; for travelers, business people, and beginning students; $22.00


Japanese For Young People I 

By the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT); Kodansha International; a new three-level series designed primarily for junior-high and high school curricula.

  Student Book - with an emphasis on coordination of structure and verbal communication skills; introduces grammar; pb $28.00

  Kana Workbook - introduces both hiragana and katakana with pronunciation and writing drills; pb $19.00

  Cassette Tapes - set of four cassette tapes provides authentic and natural spoken Japanese and improves listening and speaking skills; includes recordings of all the Key Sentences, Exercises, Main and Short Dialogues, Tasks and Quiz sections from the Student Book and all the indicated parts in the Kana Workbook; $48.00/ set of 4 cassettes


Japanese In 10 Minutes A Day

By Kristine Kershul; Bilingual Books, 1999

A complete language learning kit; contains sticky labels, flash cards, menu guide and take-along "Pocket Pal;" pb $17.95


Japanese Particle Workbook

By Taeko Kamiya;

Introduces 60 particles and their 188 basic functions in order of frequency of usage; with example sentences and exercises; pb $24.95


Kana Pict-o-Graphix: Mnemonics for Japanese Hiragana and Katakana 

By Michael Rowley; Stone Bridge Press, 1995; pb $6.00


Kana-A-Day-w.jpg (40600 bytes) Kana-A-Day Practice Pad

By Richard S. Keirstead; Tuttle Publishing

Master hiragana and katakana in just minutes a day; all characters included along with sound changes and combinations; pad with desk display; $14.95


Kanji-A-Day-w.jpg (44736 bytes)

Kanji-A-Day Practice Pad

By Richard S. Keirstead; Tuttle Publishing

365 essential kanji with readings, meanings, stroke order, and two compounds illustrating practical usage; includes booklet listing the 365 kanji; pad with desk display; $16.95


Kanji & Kana - A Handbook of the Japanese Writing System (Revised Edition)

By Wolfgang Hadamitzky & Mark Spahn; Tuttle Publishing, 1996

A comprehensive guide to the reading and writing kanji and kana; indexes by radicals, stroke count, and readings; pb $19.95


KanjiPict-w.jpg (18659 bytes)

Kanji Pict-o-Graphix: Over 1,000 Japanese Kanji and Kana Mnemonics 

By Michael Rowley; Stone Bridge Press, 1992; pb $19.95


Let's Learn Hiragana:  First Book of Basic Japanese Writing

By Yasuko Kosaka Mitamura; Kodansha International, 1985

A step-by-step program for individual study; pb $13.00


LetLearnKanji-w.jpg (27524 bytes)

Let's Learn Kanji:  An introduction to radicals, components, and 250 very basic kanji

By Joyce Yumi Mitamura and Yasuko Kosaka Mitamura; Kodansha International, 1997

A workbook to learn basic strokes and how kanji function in simple sentences; with quizzes and exercises; pb $29.00


Let's Learn Katakana:  Second Book of Basic Japanese Writing

By Yasuko Kosaka Mitamura; Kodansha International, 1985; pb $14.00


Let's Play Games In Japanese

By Scott McGinnis, Mineharu Nakayama, Tao-chung Yao; NTC Publishing Group, 1995

A collection of games and activities for small and large groups at all levels; each activity is designed to be educational as well as fun, focusing on basic language skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing; pb $22.00


MyFirstHiragana-w.jpg (30101 bytes)

My First Hiragana Activity Book

By Yuko Green; Dover Publications, Inc., 2000

This entertaining and instructive activity book introduces English-speaking children to the 46 hiragana characters along with simple Japanese vocabulary words;  pb $4.95


My Homestay Family (Book 1 - Tuttle Activity Books for Young Learners of Japanese)

By Kumi Kato, Donna Weeks, Judy Viney (Key Centre For Asian Languages and Studies); Tuttle Publishing, 1995

Takes students into a Japanese home to experience life with a homestay family; pb $9.95


My Day At School (Book 2 - Tuttle Activity Books for Young Learners of Japanese)

By Kumi Kato, Donna Weeks, Judy Viney (Key Centre For Asian Languages and Studies); Tuttle Publishing, 1995

In text written in hiragana, students will participate in every aspect of school life including classes, eating lunch, choosing a club activity; pb $9.95


ReadJpseToday-w.jpg (23390 bytes)

Read Japanese Today

By Len Walsh; Tuttle Publishing, 1969

A concise and entertaining approach to read 300 of the most common and useful characters; pb $10.95


Speedy Japanese - To Get You There & Back

Baja Books; pocketsize Japanese phrasebook; $4.95


Writing Hiragana:  An Introductory Japanese Language  Workbook (revised edition)

By Jim Gleeson; Tuttle Publishing, 2004

This title was first published in 1996 as Introduction to  Written Japanese Hiragana; with glossary; pb $12.95


Writing Katakana:  An Introductory Japanese Language Workbook (revised edition)

By Jim Gleeson; Tuttle Publishing, 2005

This title was first published in 1996 as Introduction to Written Japanese Katakana; with glossary; pb $12.95


Your First 100 Words in Japanese

By Kazumi Honda;

A workbook with games, puzzles, and flashcards; with pronunciation guide and topic chapters by theme; pb $10.95






Best-Loved Children's Songs From Japan

By Yoko Imoto; translated by Dianne Ooka; Heian International first American edition, 1996

Recipient of the Bologna Book Fair's Graphic Award in 1987, most of the songs were written between 1911 and 1947; lyrics are written in Japanese with roomaji and English translation with musical notes; of special interest is the last page describing the significance of each song in brief historical context; HC $14.95


Let's Sing!  Japanese Songs for Kids

With Janet Sono and Maren Sono; Kamishibai For Kids, 1998

A selection of 14 Japanese children's songs in Japanese and English in book form along with compact disc; book includes music for accompaniment and background notes; CD presents songs in vocal with piano accompaniment, and with piano accompaniment only; spiral bound $25.00


Riley & The Chibi Club:  Learn Japanese the Fun Way!

Created by Julie Fujii; Songs written & performed by Barbie Oyama; Performed by Sharon Kato;  Creat in Me

A combination of original and traditional songs including:  The Japanese Alphabet, Ichi Ni Let's Pound Mochi, The Greeting Song, Arigato Do Itashimashite, Colors of the Rainbow, Seasons (Fuyu, Haru, Natsu, Aki), Haru Ga Kita, Cho Chi - Cho Chi, Musunde Hiraite, Hata Po Po, Usagi to Kame (Rabbit & Turtle), Ichi Ni Let's Pound Mochi (reprise), Komori Uta; CD $16.95






Grandpa's Town

By Takaaki Nomura; translated by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum; First American Edition 1991, Kane Miller Book Publishers

A young Japanese boy, worried that his grandfather is lonely, accompanies him to the public bath. Text in English and Japanese; Ages 4-8; pb $7.95


The Park Bench

By Fumiko Takeshita; illustrated by Mamoru Suzuki; translated by Ruth A. Kangy; First American Edition 1988, Kane Miller Books

All through the sunny day the white bench in the park provides pleasure for the many people who come by, from the old man taking a walk to the children playing in the park. Text in English and Japanese; Ages 4-8; pb $7.95


WhereAreYouGoing-w.jpg (47670 bytes)

Where Are You Going?  To See My Friend!

By Eric Carle and Kazuo Iwamura; Orchard Books, 2003

This bilingual picture book is a rhythmic representation of a special friendship; HC $19.95


Kodansha Bilingual Children's Classics

Retold by Ralph F. McCarthy; Kodansha International, small format, 2000

Written in both English and Japanese (hiragana), the English is not a direct translation of the Japanese, but a retelling in verse form; with language notes in the back; HC $9.95 each

- The Adventure of Momotaro, The Peach Boy illustrated by Ioe Saito

- The Inch-High Samurai illustrated by Shiro Kasamatsu

- Kintaro, The Nature Boy illustrated by Suiho Yonai

- The Moon Princess illustrated by Kancho Oda

- Urashima and the Kingdom Beneath the Sea illustrated by Shiro Kasamatsu


Kamishibai Storytelling Cards - each set consists of 12-16 cards (size 11" x 15"), charmingly illustrated, allowing a dramatic presentation of favorite stories; especially popular in group situations; text, written in dialogue form is in original Japanese and English translations; $42.00 each

 - Momotaro, The Peach Boy - Ages 3+
- The Bamboo Princess - Ages 6+
- Urashima Taro - Ages 8+
- The Story of Tanabata - Ages 6+
- How The Years Were Named - Ages 3+
- The Tongue-Cut Sparrow - Ages 4+
- Hats For The Jizos - Ages 4+
- The Mouse's Wedding - Ages 3+
- The One-Inch Boy - Ages 3+
- The Goblin, The Water Imp and The Thunder God - Ages 3+






Hiragana Flashcards

By Rita Lampkin; Lamplight, 1992; $3.00/ set


Katakana Flashcards

By Rita Lampkin; Lamplight, 1992; $3.00/ set


Tuttle Kanji Cards  

By Alexander Kask; Tuttle Publishing

The first 440 kanji approved by Japan's Ministry of Education; flashcards with readings, meanings, four compounds, and stroke order; $19.95/ set


Tuttle Kanji Cards II

By Alexander Kask; Tuttle Publishing

The second 566 kanji approved by Japan's Ministry of Education; $19.95/ set





Zen Board

With this "magical" surface, have fun  practicing hiragana, katakana, and kanji again and again; a Japanese writing brush is included; a brushstroke of water (no ink, please!) on the Zen Board produces a deep black image; as the surface dries, the image fades, and you can begin again; also enhances creativity and relaxation!

Overall dimension:  17"W x 12"H; Paper dimension: 12"W x 8"H; Black or Natural mat frame with Japanese writing brush; $26.00 


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