21stCentury-w.jpg (11706 bytes)

21st Century Manzanar

By Perry Miyake; Really Great Books, 2002

When World War III turns into the Economic War with Japan, all Japanese products, investments, and businesses are banned.  Old prejudices resurface and Executive Order 9066 is reinstated.  Japanese Americans are ordered to abandon their jobs, homes and property to real Americans and report to internment camps; HC $20.00


AcrossNightingale-w.jpg (36869 bytes)

Across The Nightingale Floor:  Tales of the Otori Book One

By Lian Hearn; Penguin Putnam, 2002

In this mythical world of the Otori, young Takeo learns of the skills he possesses while contending with revenge, treachery, honor, loyalty, betrayal, and love; the first of a trilogy; HC $24.95; pb $14.00


The Age of Dreaming - A Novel

By Nina Revoyr; Akashic Books, 2008

Jun Nakayama was a silent film star in the early days of Hollywood.  By 1964, he finds himself living in complete obscurity until a young writer tracks him down for an interview; pb $15.95


AmericanWoman-w.jpg (24735 bytes)

American Woman:  A Novel

By Susan Choi; HarperCollins, 2003

Twenty-five-year-old Jenny Shimada is a young radical caught in the militant underground of the mid-1970s; HC $24.95; pb $13.95; limited quantity available @ BARGAIN PRICE $5 (pb)


Ash-w.jpg (23199 bytes)


By Holly Thompson; Stone Bridge Press, 2001

Caitlin Ober returns to Japan to teach English in Kogashima while trying to come to terms with a childhood tragedy in Kyoto; pb $16.95


Autumn Bridge:  A Novel

By Takashi Matsuoka; Random House, 2004

A sweeping tale that takes us from the Cloud of Sparrows Castle in 14th century feudal Japan to the streets of 19th century San Francisco; HC $25.00; pb $13.00


BambooSword-w.jpg (24814 bytes) The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales

By Shuhei Fujisawa; translated by Gavin Frew; Kodansha International, 2005

A collection of eight stories by this award-winning novelist evokes life in early seventeenth-century Japan; HC $22.00


Brazil-Maru-w.jpg (30611 bytes)

Brazil-Maru:  A Novel

By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 1992

A multi-generational novel describes the story of Brazil's Japanese immigrant population; Village Voice 25 Best Books of 1992; pb $14.95


BridgeBetween-w.jpg (22991 bytes)

A Bridge Between Us  

By Julie Shigekuni; Anchor Books, 1996

A novel in which four generations of Japanese American women in one household describe their lives and secrets; pb $10.95


Buddha.jpg (33625 bytes) Buddha:  A Story of Enlightenment

By Deepak Chopra; HarperCollins, 2007

A New York Times Bestseller; pb $14.95

Circle K Cycles

By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 2001

A collection of short stories and memoir relating the experiences of the Japanese Brazilians in Japan; pb $16.95


ClayWalls-w.jpg (35151 bytes)

Clay Walls:  A Novel

By Kim Ronyoung; University of Washington Press, 1987

A story of early Korean immigrants who arrived in Los Angeles in the decade prior to World War II, and of their American-born children; pb $14.95


CloudSparrows-w.jpg (32996 bytes)

Cloud of Sparrows:  A Novel

By Takashi Matsuoka; Delacorte Press, 2002

After two centuries of isolation, Japan is forced to open its doors to the west in this nineteenth-century historical adventure with a cast of characters including American missionaries, a young nobleman, and a celebrated geisha; HC $24.95; pb $13.00; mass market $7.50


ColorOfSea-w.jpg (30034 bytes) Color of the Sea

By John Hamamura; St. Martin's Press, 2006 (hardcover ed.); Anchor Books, 2007 (paperback ed.)

A young Japanese American man and woman fall in love on the eve of World War II.  Their relationship is torn apart when she and her family are sent to an internment camp, and he is drafted into the Pacific theater; three weeks after publication, this title is on the Bay Area Best-Sellers List; 2007 ALA Alex Award winner; HC $24.95; pb $13.95


Commoner.jpg (44289 bytes) The Commoner:  A Novel

By John Burnham Schwartz; Vintage Books, 2008

In 1959, Haruko, a nonaristocratic woman, marries the Crown Prince of Japan; pb $14.95

DreamingWater-w.jpg (29570 bytes)

Dreaming Water

By Gail Tsukiyama; St. Martin's Press, 2002

Thirty-eight year old Hana is suffering from Werner's Syndrome, a disease that makes a person age at twice the normal rate; HC $23.95; pb $12.95


DrunkAsLord-w.jpg (17869 bytes)

Drunk as a Lord:  Samurai Stories

By Ryotaro Shiba; Kodansha International, 2001

Four historical fiction stories including Drunk as a Lord, The Fox-Horse, Date's Black Ship,  and The Ghost of Saga; HC $30.00


EarlyJpseImmigrants-w.jpg (47160 bytes)

Early Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii

By Patsy Sumie Saiki; KISAKU, INC., 1993

A collection of short stories depicting the multicultural environment of her childhood on the slopes of Mauna Kea; pb $12.00


Endure-w.jpg (18244 bytes) Endure

By Toshiko Shoji Ito; Bear River Press, 2005

Her only crime was being born to Japanese parents in America.  Tomi is 17 and living a carefree life in Seattle when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Accused by the U.S. government of spying for the enemy, she and her family are forced to leave everything behind and travel to a bleak outpost in south central Idaho-- the Minidoka Relocation Center.  Like many other Japanese families, they carry the burden of shame over their imprisonment.  But Tomi's indomitable spirit prevails throughout their ordeal.  Based on a true story; HC $19.95; pb $11.95


FamousSuicides.jpg (33491 bytes) Famous Suicides of the Japanese Empire:  A Novel

By David Mura; Coffee House Press, 2008

Ben Ohara is a struggling historian and the sole surviving member of his family.  His father, a No-No Boy during WWII, committed suicide, his brilliant astrophysicist brother mysteriously disappeared in the Mojave Desert, and his mother died with her secrets; pb $14.95 

FortySevenRonin-w.jpg (24169 bytes)

The Forty-Seven Ronin Story

By John Allyn; Tuttle Publishing, 1970

A novel based on historical facts of the famous event that took place in 1701 Edo; pb $15.95


HeavensNetWide-w.jpg (32745 bytes) Heaven's Net Is Wide:  The First Tale of the Otori

By Lian Hearn; Penguin Group, 2007

Prequel to the Tales of Otori series; HC $26.95


InvisibleGardens-w.jpg (24431 bytes)

Invisible Gardens

By Julie Shigekuni; St. Martin's Press, 2003

Lily Soto, a thirty-five-year old Japanese American woman, who despite two young children, a stable marriage, and a university teaching career, feels her life is falling apart; HC $23.95


LanguageThreads-w.jpg (49531 bytes)

The Language of Threads  

By Gail Tsukiyama; St. Martin's Press, 1999

A WWII-era sequel to Women of the Silk (1991) with Pei now in Hong Kong faced with new struggles; pb $13.95


LastFox-w.jpg (21436 bytes)

The Last Fox:  A Novel of the 100th/442nd RCT

By Robert H. Kono; Abe Publishing, 2001

Sgt. Fred Murano and his three boyhood friends belong to the tough 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated in U.S. military history.  Together they are known as the "four foxes" as they fight both the Nazis and racial prejudice; pb $14.95


LawsOfEvening-w.jpg (21129 bytes)

The Laws of Evening:  Stories

By Mary Yukari Waters; Scribner, 2003

This debut collection explores Japanese society caught between World War II and the rapid advance of Westernization; women and children have lost husbands and fathers in the war and now face a world dramatically altered by Western influence; HC $21.00


LegendFireHorseWoman-w.jpg (19013 bytes)

The Legend Of Fire Horse Woman

By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston; Kensington Books, 2003

Sayo was born in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1902, the ruinous Fire Horse year.  Fire Horse Women were destined to remain untamed by men-- and were to be avoided as wives at all cost; married by proxy, she is sent to join her new husband in America where she learns to harness the power of the Fire Horse and survive many obstacles; HC $23.00; pb $15.00


Loom-w.jpg (32660 bytes)

The Loom And Other Stories

By R.A. Sasaki; Graywolf Press, 1991

Nine short stories depict the experiences of three generations of Japanese Americans in San Francisco; pb $11.95


LuckyComeHI-w.jpg (33150 bytes)

Lucky Come Hawaii 

By Jon Shirota; Island Book Shelf, 1985; pb $8.95


MaskCarvers-w.jpg (25049 bytes)

The Mask Carver's Son

By Alyson Richman; Bloomsbury Pub., 2000

A turn-of-the-century Japanese painter sacrifices family, love, and wealth for his art; pb $14.95


MeetingLuciano-w.jpg (16163 bytes)

Meeting Luciano

By Anna Esaki-Smith; Random House, 1999

After graduating from college, Emily Shimoda moves back to her home in upstate New York to live with her eccentric, well-bred mother; pb $12.00


MemoirsGeisha-w.jpg (21942 bytes)

Memoirs of a Geisha 

By Arthur Golden; Vintage Books, 1999

This national and international bestseller provides an intriguing look at Japan's vanishing world of the geisha; pb $14.95


MemoirsWarriorKumagai-w.jpg (17791 bytes) Memoirs of the Warrior Kumagai:  A Historical Novel

By Donald Richie; Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1999

Kumagai Naozane was a Japanese warrior famous for having taken the head of the young and handsome samurai Atsumori.  The author presents a fictional account of Kumagai's attempt to come to terms with his past; HC $18.95  

[limited quantity of this title available on Bargain Table at reduced price]


MiddleSon-w.jpg (22096 bytes)

Middle Son

By Deborah Iida; Penguin Putnam, 1996

For Spencer Fujii, Hawaii is a place of hard work and heartache, the transplanted home of his Japanese American family-- and the site of a long-ago tragedy; ALA Notable Book of the Year; pb $12.95


Musashi-w.jpg (47236 bytes)


By Eiji Yoshikawa; translated by Charles S. Terry; Kodansha International, 1981

A classic samurai novel about the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi; HC $35.00


NoNoBoy-w.jpg (18597 bytes)

No-No Boy  

By John Okada; University of Washington Press, 1980

Ichiro Yamada, a young Japanese American, chose to go to federal prison rather than serve in the American army during WWII; his struggles and conflicts upon his return to his family and realities of postwar America are revealed in this angry, intense novel; pb $14.95


Obasan-w.jpg (24059 bytes)


By Joy Kogawa; Random House, reprint 1994

American Book Award for the Before Columbus Foundation; pb $13.95


Oh.jpg (74800 bytes) Oh!  A Mystery of mono no aware

By Todd Shimoda; art by L.J.C. Shimoda; Chin Music Press, Inc., 2009

Zack Hara is dead inside, devoid of passion, hate, love, any sustained emotion.  The twenty-something technical writer trudges through each day in L.A. like a zombie, until he leaves his job, part-time lover, and antique Chevy pickup truck to travel to Japan.  There, searching for an emotional life, Zack becomes entwined with a tragic poet, a sensual but disillusioned woman, and young people who form suicide clubs-- all propelling him down a dangerous path; HC $22.50


Once Removed

By Mako Yoshikawa; Random House, 2003

Step-sisters, Claudia and Rei, have not seen each other in many years, but they recover their friendship across two cultures and two families; HC $22.95; pb $13.00


OneHundred-w.jpg (25017 bytes)

One Hundred And One Ways

By Mako Yoshikawa; Random House, 1999

Kiki grew up in New Jersey and has never met her grandmother Yukiko, for whom she is named; but she feels a secret kinship with this woman who was sold by her impoverished family and became a famous geisha; pb $12.95


PearlDiver-w.jpg (25991 bytes) The Pearl Diver:  A Novel

By Jeff Talarigo; Random House, 2004

In 1948 Japan, a nineteen-year-old pearl diver is perfecting the techniques of her age-old occupation when her life is shattered with the diagnosis of leprosy; HC $18.95; pb $12.95


PictureBride-w.jpg (18490 bytes)

Picture Bride:  A Novel  

By Yoshiko Uchida; University of Washington Press, reprint ed. 1997

Young Hana Omiya arrives in San Francisco in 1917 carrying the photograph of a man she is to marry but has yet to meet; pb $14.95


PineappleWhite-w.jpg (12677 bytes)

Pineapple White 

By Jon Shirota; Ohara Publications, 1972

Out-of-print, limited quantity available; HC $10.00


SamuraisGarden-w.jpg (39393 bytes)

The Samurai's Garden 

By Gail Tsukiyama; St. Martin's Press, 1996

Stephen, a young Chinese student is sent to his family's summer home in Japan to recover from tuberculosis; what unfolds are new relationships that nurture for a lifetime; pb $13.95


ScentOfSake.jpg (48313 bytes) The Scent of Sake:  A Novel

By Joyce Lebra; HarperCollins, 2009

Nineteen-year-old Rie is the sole heir to the House of Omura, a venerable family of Kobe sake brewers with strict male dominated traditions; pb $13.99

SnowFalling-w.jpg (24725 bytes)

Snow Falling On Cedars 

By David Guterson; Random House, 1995

In 1954 on San Piedro Island near Puget Sound, Nisei Kabuo Miyamoto is charged with murder; winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award and the American Booksellers Association Book of the Year Award; pb $14.00


SongsMyMother-w.jpg (25695 bytes)

Songs My Mother Taught Me: Stories, Plays, and Memoir 

By Wakako Yamauchi; The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 1994

Recalls the lives and dreams of the Issei and Nisei as rural immigrants, tenant farmers, and factory workers; includes And The Soul Shall Dance filmed for PBS; winner of National Book Award for Literature; pb $14.95


Sophie-w.jpg (58299 bytes)

Sophie and the Rising Sun

By Augusta Trobaugh; Penguin Putnam, 2001

In a small Georgia town, Mr. Oto is taken in as a gardener by the town's conscience, Miss Anne, in the spring of 1939; HC $22.95; pb $13.00


Southland-w.jpg (24444 bytes)


By Nina Revoyr; Akashic Books, 2003

Jackie Ishida is in her last semester of law school when her grandfather, Frank Sakai, dies unexpectedly; Frank was a veteran of WWII and owned a store in the Los Angeles' Crenshaw district; while tring to fulfill a request from his will, Jackie discovers a mystery and unearths long-held family secrets; pb $15.95


Strangeness-w.jpg (33389 bytes)

Strangeness of Beauty  

By Lydia Minatoya; Simon and Schuster, 1999

This story of three generations takes place in America (Seattle) and Japan between 1922 and 1939; pb $14.00


StreetThoursandBlossoms-w.jpg (30051 bytes) The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

By Gail Tsukiyama; St. Martin's Press, 2007

In 1939 Tokyo, two orphaned brothers are raised by their loving grandparents, who inspire them to dream of a future firmly rooted in tradition; HC $24.95; pb $14.95

Taiko-w.jpg (39801 bytes)

Taiko - a Novel

By Eiji Yoshikawa; Kodansha, International, 1992

An epic novel of war and glory in feudal Japan; HC $32.00


The Tale of Genji

By Murasaki Shikibu; translated by Royall Tyler; Penguin Putnam, Inc., 2001

Written in the eleventh century, The Tale of Genji is widely celebrated as the world's first novel; includes glossaries, character lists, chronologies; two-volume HC set $60.00; pb $28.00


Tale of Genji - tr by Waley-w.jpg (35921 bytes)

The Tale of Genji, Part I

By Lady Murasaki; translated by Arthur Waley; Dover Publications, 2000

An unabridged republication of part I of Arthur Waley's translation and introduction to the work originally published in 1929 by Houghton Mifflin Co.; pb $2.50


TaleMurasaki-w.jpg (42209 bytes)

The Tale of Murasaki

By Liza Dalby; Random House, 2000

The eleventh-century world of the creator of Japan's masterpiece, The Tale of Genji comes to life in this novel; pb $14.00


TalesOfSamurai-w.jpg (32812 bytes) Tales of The Samurai

By James S. de Benneville; Dover Publications, 2004

An unabridged republication of Oguri Hangwan Ichidaiki originally published in 1915; pb $19.95


ThroughArc-w.jpg (35233 bytes)

Through the Arc of the Rain Forest

By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 1990

Winner of the American Book Award and the Janet Heidinger Kafka Award; pb $12.95


Treadmill-w.jpg (23140 bytes)

Treadmill:  A Documentary Novel 

By Hiroshi Nakamura; Mosaic Press, 1996

A unique novel written while the author experienced life in the Salinas Assembly Center, Poston Relocation Center, and Tule Lake Segregation Center; pb $16.95


TropicofOrange-w.jpg (30985 bytes)

Tropic of Orange

By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 1997; pb $14.95


Unfinished Message:  Selected Works of Toshio Mori

Introduction by Lawson Fusao Inada; Heyday Books, 2000

Includes fifteen stories, a novella, correspondence, and an interview with Toshio Mori; pb $15.95


WhenEmperor-w.jpg (25217 bytes)

When The Emperor Was Divine:  A Novel

By Julie Otsuka; Alfred A. Knopf, 2002

Review posted

Each of five chapters represent the individual perspectives of members of a Japanese American family during the episode of Japanese American internment camps of WWII; HC $18.00


Why She Left Us:  A Novel

By Rahna Reiko Rizzuto; HarperCollins, 1999

Japanese American Emi Okada finds herself pregnant and alone on the eve of WWII; she gives up her firstborn, Eric, for adoption, but her mother finds the boy and brings him home, intent on raising him as part of the Okada family.  Winner of the American Book Award; pb $13.00 


WomenOfSilk-w.jpg (21215 bytes)

Women of the Silk:  A Novel

By Gail Tsukiyama; St. Martin's Press, 1991

This West Coast bestseller takes place in early 20th century rural  China and depicts the women of the vast silk industry; pb $13.95


YokohamaCA-w.jpg (33379 bytes)

Yokohama, California

By Toshio Mori; University of Washington Press, reprint ed. 1997

Originally published in 1949, the first published collection of short stories by a Japanese American; set in the late 1930's and early 1940's about people, gossip, humor, and legends of Japanese America; pb $14.95

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