This section contains titles representing collections of fairytales.  For individual fairytale titles, please see "Picture Books."


DancingKettle-w.jpg (41271 bytes) The Dancing Kettle and Other Japanese Tales

Retold by Yoshiko Uchida; illustrated by Richard C. Jones; Creative Arts Book Company, 1986

A collection of 14 folk stories retold with humor and charm; Included are: "The Wedding of the Mouse," "Issunboshi, the One-Inch Lad," "The Eight-Headed Dragon," "The Rabbit and the Crocodile," "The Dancing Kettle," "Urashima Taro and the Princess of the Sea," "The Old Man With the Bump," "The Princess of Light," Momotaro: Boy-of-the-Peach," "The Piece of Straw," "The Tongue-Cut Sparrow," "The Princess and the Fisherman," "The Old Man of the Flowers," and "The Jewels of the Sea"; Ages 9+; pb $8.95


JpseChildrensFav-w.jpg (60784 bytes)

Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

Compiled by Florence Sakade; illustrated by Yoshisuke Kurosaki; Tuttle Publishing Co., 1958; third edition with color illustrations, 2003

This 50th Anniversary edition is a classic collection of 20 favorites including Peach Boy, The Magic Teakettle, Monkey-Dance and Sparrow-Dance, The Long-Nosed Goblins, The Rabbit in the Moon, The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, Silly Saburo, The Toothpick Warriors, The Sticky-Sticky Pine, The Spider Weaver, Little One-Inch, The Badger and the Magic Fan, Mr. Lucky Straw, Why the Jellyfish Has no Bones, The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom, The Crab and the Monkey, The Ogre and the Rooster, The Rabbit Who Crossed the Sea, The Grateful Statues, The Bobtail Monkey; Ages 5+; HC $19.95; HC with audio CD $21.95


JpseChildrlensFav2-w.jpg (61896 bytes) Japanese Children's Favorite Stories Book Two

Compiled by Florence Sakade; Illustrated by Yoshio Hayashi; Tuttle Publishing, 2004

Includes The Magic Mortar, How to Fool a Cat, The Dragon's Tears, The Rolling Rice-Cakes, The Robe of Feathers, The Princess and the Herdboy, Urashima Taro, The Fairy Crane, The Old Man with a Wen, The Flying Farmer, Why the Red Elf Cried, The Biggest in the World, The Sandal Seller, The Singing Turtle, Saburo the Eel Catcher, Kintaro's Adventures; HC $19.95; HC with audio CD $21.95


The Japanese Fairy Book

Compiled by Yei Theodora Ozaki; Tuttle Publishing, 1970

A compilation of twenty-two favorite fairy tales; pb $14.95


Japanese Fairy Tales Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4

By Keisuke Nishimoto; illustrated by Yoko Imoto; Heian International; Volumes 1 & 2, 1999; Volumes 3 & 4, 2000; Ages 4-8; HC $14.95 each

Vol. 1: The Old Man Who Made the Flowers Bloom; Mouse Wrestling; Kitty's New Vest; Kintaro; The Crane's Gift

Vol. 2: The Contest; The Straw Millionaire; The Bouncing Rice Ball; Little One Inch Boy; The Monkey's Statue; Tail Fishing

Vol. 3:  The Shining Princess; The Goblin's Fan; Peach Boy; The Cat's Dance; The Stone Statues  

Vol. 4:  The Monkey and the Crab; The Gold Coin Drying Field; Gonbei the Duck Hunter; The Cat and Crab Race; Urashimataro


Mysterious Tales of Japan

By Rafe Martin; illustrated by Tatsuro Kiuchi; G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1996

Includes Urashima Taro, Green Willow, Ho-ichi The Earless, The Snow Woman, Kogi, The Crane Maiden, and others; also includes story notes and bibliographical references; HC $19.99


Myths and Legends of Japan

By F. Hadland Davis; illustrated by Evelyn Paul; Dover Publications, 1992

Includes myths of gods, heroes, warriors; legends of Buddha, the god Daikoku; tales of the sea and of Mount Fuji; accounts of superstitions and supernatural beings; observations on the spiritual properties of fans, flowers, dolls, butterflies, etc.; Ages 12+; pb $14.95


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Sea of Gold and Other Tales From Japan

Adapted by Yoshiko Uchida; illustrated by Marianne Yamaguchi; Creative Arts Book Company, 1988

A collection of 12 Japanese fairytales; Included are:  The Sea of Gold, The Grateful Monkey's Secret, The Tengu's Magic Nose Fan, The Magic Purse of the Swamp Maiden, The Two Foolish Cats, The Wise Old Woman, The Ogre Who Built a Bridge, New Year's Hats for the Statues, Gombei and the Wild Ducks, The Wonderful Talking Bowl, The Terrible Black Snake's Revenge, Koichi and the Mountain God;  Ages 10+; pb $8.95


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