366 Healthful Ways to Cook Tofu and Other Meat Alternatives

By Robin Robertson; Penguin Books, 1996; pb $16.95


501Bento.jpg (188505 bytes)

501 Bento Box Lunches:  501 Unique Recipes for  Brilliant Bento

By Korero Books; 2009

Provides an inspiration to create colorful bento meals; with color photographs; pb $19.95


Asian Cooking for Health - nutritious and delicious alternatives (Learn to Cook series)

Periplus Editions, 2004

Contains over 40 nutritious and delicious recipes; spiral bd $9.95


Asian Grilling (The Essential Kitchen Series)

By Vicki Liley; Tuttle Co., 2001

Over fifty recipes along with information on different types of grills and barbecues; includes tips on skewers, marinades, dry coatings, and flavored butters; HC $18.95


Asian Ingredients:  A Guide to the Foodstuffs of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam

By Bruce Cost; HarperCollins, 2000; pb $18.00


Asian Noodles and Snacks (Learn to Cook Series)

Periplus Editions, 2003

Light meals and snack foods from Asian cuisines; with color photographs; spiral bd $9.95


Asian Soups (The Essential Kitchen Series)

By Suzie Smith; Tuttle Co., 2000

A collection of traditional and modern soup recipes for the beginner or experienced cook; HC $18.95


Asian Tapas and Wild Sushi - A Nibbler's Delight of Fusion Cooking

By Trevor Hooper; Kodansha International, 1998

Recipes made famous at the Raku restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia; pb $16.00


Asian Wraps & Rolls (The Essential Kitchen Series)

By Vicki Liley; Tuttle Co., 2001; HC $18.95


At The Japanese Table - New and Traditional Recipes

By Lesley Downer; Chronicle Books, 1993

Over 90 easy-to-follow recipes, 16 pages of color photographs, and more than three dozen illustrations of various techniques such as carving carrot "flowers" and slicing sashimi; pb $16.95


Authentic Japanese Cuisine for Beginners

By Sabi Shinojima; Japan Publications, 2003

Seventy recipes including simmered dishes, soups, rice dishes, noodle platters, custard-style egg dishes, seafood dishes, deep-fried and pan-fried dishes, and crisp marinated vegetable dishes; with color photographs; pb $17.95


Bento Boxes:  Japanese Meals On The Go

By Naomi Kijima; Graph-sha ltd., 2001

Table of contents includes "Traditional Japanese Favorites," "Easy Rice or Noodle Combinations," "Low-Fat Temptations," "Special Creations;" with color photographs; pb $14.95


Best of Japan

By Masaki Ko; Anness Publishing, 2000

With sections on ingredients, basic recipes for sushi, fish & meat dishes, vegetable, egg & tofu dishes, soups, and noodles & rice; with color photographs; HC $4.95


Book of Green Tea

By Diana Rosen; Storey Books, 1998; pb $16.95


The Book of Miso, 2nd Edition

By William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi; Ten Speed Press, 2001

Recipes, history of miso; pb $19.95


The Book of Tofu

By William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi; Ten Speed Press, reprint 2001

500 tofu recipes; pb $24.95


The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen:  Inspired New Tastes

By Eric Gower; photographs by Fumihiko Watanabe; Kodansha International, 2003

Born of a passion for good home cooked food and experimentation over fifteen years while living in Japan, these simple yet innovative recipes blend Japanese and Western elements; HC $27.00


Café Japan

By Emi Kazuko; photography by Jeremy Hopley; NTC/ Contemporary Publishing, 1999

An array of 75 dishes chosen for its use of the most popular and easy-to-find ingredients in a variety of styles including grilling, stews, salads; pb $19.95


Classic Asian Cakes and Desserts - quick and delicious favorites (Learn to Cook series)

Periplus Editions, 2004

Contains over 50 recipes including cakes, custards, rice and puddings, and more; spiral bd $9.95


Dictionary of Japanese Food:  Ingredients and Culture

By Richard Hosking; Tuttle Publishing Co., 1997

pb $16.95


Dim Sum (Essential Kitchen Series)

By Vicki Liley; Tuttle Publishing Co., 2000

HC $18.95


Dim  Sum:  The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch

By Ellen Leong Blonder; Clarkson Potter, 2002

HC $25.00


Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls

By Ken Kawasumi; Japan Publications, 2002

HC $36.00


FabulousAsianHomestyleRecipes-w.jpg (40071 bytes) Fabulous Asian Homestyle Recipes - nutritious meals in minutes (Learn to Cook series)

Periplus Editions, 2004

Contains over 40 recipes from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam; spiral bd $9.95


A First Book of Japanese Cooking - Family-style Food for the Home

By Masako Yamaoka; Kodansha International, 1984

 Ninety-one home-style recipes, 6 party menus, 159 line drawings, detailed ingredients glossary; pb $18.00


Fun and Fancy Sushi

By Seiko Ogawa, Ine Mizuno, Kazuhiko Nagai; Kodansha, 1999

pb $13.95


The Great Sushi and Sashimi Cookbook

By Kazu Takahashi; Whitecap Books, 2001

pb $16.95


Hawaii's Best Local Desserts

By Jean Watanabe Hee; Mutual Publishing, 2001

Recipes with an island flavor including cakes and breads, pies, cookies and more; spiral bd $13.95


Hawaii's Best Mochi Recipes

By Jean Watanabe Hee; Mutual Publishing, 2000

A collection of both traditional and new mochi dessert recipes; also includes entrees using mochi rice; spiral bd $13.95


Healthy Asian Vegetarian Dishes (Learn to Cook Series)

Periplus Editions, 2003

Over 75 recipes that can be prepared in minutes; with color photographs; spiral bd $9.95


Healthy Japanese Cooking

By Hiroko Fukuhara and Yasuko Takahata; Weatherhill, 1997

Includes main dishes, sushi, side dishes; pb $14.95


Healthy Noodles

By Kurumi Hayter; Kodansha, International, 1999

This complete guide to cooking noodles includes over 60 recipes using egg noodles, rice noodles, wheat noodles,  bean thread noodles -- served hot or cold, for every occasion.  Includes some traditional recipes from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as some innovative recipes with a western slant; with color photographs, and an illustrated guide to ingredients, cooking methods, and vegetable cutting techniques; HC $14.00 


Healthy Wok & Stir Fry Dishes (Learn to Cook Series)

Periplus Editions, 2003

Over 65 recipes; with color photographs;  spiral bd $9.95


Japan (A World of Recipes)

By Julie McCulloch; Heinemann, 2001

This cookbook for kids includes easy-to-follow recipes, information about ingredients, food customs, and preparation techniques including safety tips; with bibliographical references and index; pb $7.95


JpseCkg-w.jpg (34958 bytes) Japanese Cooking:  Quick, easy, delicious recipes to make at home

By Shunsuke Fukushima; Periplus Editions, 2001

Easy-to-follow instructions ideal for the beginner; HC $21.95

Japanese Cooking - A Simple Art

By Shizuo Tsuji; Kodansha International, 1980

Over 220 recipes, 510 sketches, 16 color pages; HC $40.00


JpseDishesWineLovers-w.jpg (17362 bytes) Japanese Dishes For Wine Lovers

By Machiko Chiba with wine pairing advice by J.K. Whelehan; Kodansha International, 2005

A collection of fifty-eight recipes, modern versions of Japanese dishes that can be easily prepared and eaten on their own or as an appetizer; with wine recommendations for each dish; with appendix and glossary; color photographs; HC $25.00


Japanese Family-Style Recipes

By Hiroko Urakami; photography by Hiroya Yoshimori; Kodansha International, 1992

53 recipes representing the best of Japanese home cookings, ranging from soups and main dishes to snacks and desserts; HC $25.00


JpseFoodsThatHeal-w.jpg (35820 bytes) Japanese Foods That Heal:  Using Traditional Japanese Ingredients To Promote Health, Longevity & Well-Being

By John & Jan Belleme; Tuttle Publishing, 2007

Includes 125 recipes using 18 healing Japanese foods such as miso, sesame oil, shoyu, shiitake, brown rice vinegar, umeboshi, mochi, tofu, sea vegetables, green tea, and more; pb $18.95


Japanese Homestyle Dishes (Learn to Cook Series)

Recipes by Susie Donald; Periplus Editions, 2003

Classic Japanese recipes from miso soup and sushi to salmon teriyaki, tempura, and sukiyaki; with step-by-step instructions; color photographs; spiral bd $9.95


The Japanese Kitchen

By Hiroko Shimbo; Harvard Common Press,  2000

Two hundred fifty recipes in a traditional spirit; a thorough guide to Japanese cuisine written for the American cook including descriptions of ingredients and explanations of techniques; HC $29.95; pb $19.95


Japanese Vegetable Cooking

By Asako Tohata, Sc.D; Graph-sha Ltd., 2001

Includes nutritional information and recipes for green and yellow vegetables, beans and nuts, mushrooms, herbs and spices, light-colored vegetables, root vegetables, and sea vegetables; with color photographs; pb $14.95


Japanese Vegetarian Cooking - From Simple Soups to Sushi

By Patricia Richfield; The Crossing Press, 1994; pb $14.95


The Joy of Japanese Cooking

By Kuwako Takahashi; Tuttle Publishing, 2002

An introduction to Japanese cooking for Western cooks working in Western kitchens with locally available ingredients and equipment; pb $22.95


LetsCookJpseFood-w.jpg (86434 bytes) Let's Cook Japanese Food!  Everyday Recipes for Home Cooking

By Amy Kaneko; photographs by Deborah Ory; Chronicle Books, 2007

pb $22.95

MisoBook-w.tif (38322 bytes)

The Miso Book:  The Art of Cooking With Miso

By John and Jan Belleme; Square One Publishers, 2004

Covers basics on miso including different types, uses, and various manufacturing methods; healing properties and its role in maintaining good health; over 140 recipes including dips and spreads, soups and stews, vegetable dishes, and more; pb $15.95


Natural Remedies From The Japanese Kitchen

By Hiroko Fukuhara and Yasuko Takahata; Weatherhill, 1998; pb $14.95


NewTastesGreenTea-w.jpg (20947 bytes) New Tastes in Green Tea:  A Novel Flavor for Familiar Drinks, Dishes, and Desserts

By Mutsuko Tokunaga; Kodansha International, 2004

Includes basics of green tea and a collection of original recipes for a variety of beverages as well as gratin, quiche, pastas and desserts; HC $22.95


Noodle Fusion - Asian Noodle Dishes for Western Kitchens

By Dorothy Rankin; The Crossing Press, 2000

A collection of eclectic Asian noodle recipes; pb $16.95


Noodles (The Essential Kitchen Series)

By Vickie Liley; Periplus Editions, 1998

Easy to follow recipes suitable for beginners and experienced cooks include soups, salads, duck and chicken dishes, seafood, desserts, sauces, etc.; HC $18.95


Practical Japanese Cooking - Easy And Elegant

By Shizuo Tsuji and Koichiro Hata; photographs by Yoshikatsu Saeki; Kodansha International, 1986

Recipes ranging from sushi, yakitori, tempura, tofu, etc. with ingredients available in the U.S.; HC $35.00


Q&EChilledDesserts-w.jpg (215823 bytes) Quick & Easy Chilled Desserts From The Japanese Kitchen - 70 Best Recipes

Joie, Inc., English edition, 2001

Table of Contents includes:  Jellies & Puddings; Mousses & Bavarian Creams; Ice Creams & Sherbets; Fruits Desserts; Japanese Desserts; Healthy Desserts & Dessert Drinks; Chinese Desserts; Glossary; Basics of Making Desserts; Index; HC $18.95


Q&EDonburiDishes-w.jpg (53046 bytes) Quick & Easy Donburi Dishes - Healthy Rice Bowl Toppings

Boutique-sha, 2003

Table of Contents includes: Donburi Cooking Tips; Rice and Rice Cooking; Glossary; Sashimi Donburi; Authentic Donburi; Light and Healthy Donburi; Nourishing Donburi; Power Donburi; Spicy Donburi; Special Dinner Donbui; Easy Donburi; Colorful Donburi for Kids; Low Calorie Donburi; Calcium-Rich Seafood Donburi; Index; HC $18.95


Quick & Easy Japanese Cuisine for Everyone

By Yukiko Moriyama; Japan Publications, 2002; pb $11.95


Q&EJpseSnacks-w.jpg (46615 bytes) Quick & Easy Japanese Snacks & Light Meals

By Yukiko Moriyama; Joie, Inc., 1991, 2001

HC $18.95

Quick & Easy Soymilk Desserts

By Yasuyo Shida; JOIE, Inc., 2004

Contents include "Baked Desserts," "Steamed/Fried Desserts," "Fruit Desserts," "Chilled Desserts," "Drinks & Shakes," glossary; pb $13.95


Q&EBookMisoSoup-w.jpg (45457 bytes) Quick & Easy The Book of Miso Soup

Boutique-sha, 2001

110 recipes; HC $18.95

RoysFish&Seafood-w.jpg (23502 bytes) Roy's Fish and Seafood Recipes from the Pacific Rim

By Roy Yamaguchi with John Harrisson; Ten Speed Press, 2005

Features nearly 100 recipes for appetizers, salads, main dishes including Roy's Signature Blackened Ahi with Soy-Mustard Sauce, Pan-Seared Butterfish with Coconut-Luau Leaf Sauce and Kalua Pork Miso, Basil-Scented Onaga with Waimanalo Sweet Corn and more; with color photographs; HC $35.00


The Shiitake Way - Vegetarian Cooking with Shiitake Mushrooms

By Jennifer Snyder; The Book Publishing Co., 1993; pb $9.95


A Spoonful of Ginger

By Nina Simonds; Alfred A. Knopf, 1999

Health-giving recipes from Asian kitchens; HC $30.00


Sushi (The Essential Kitchen Series)

by Ryuichi Yoshii; Tuttle Publishing Co., 1998

Step-by-step instructions and photographs show how to make a variety of sushi and sashimi, including how to use sushi-making tools, how to make perfect sushi rice, to cut vegetables and decorations, and how to select fresh fish; suitable to both beginners and experiences; HC $18.95


Sushi For Parties - Maki-zushi and Nigiri-zushi

By Ken Kawasumi; Graph-sha Ltd., 1996; pb $19.00


Sushi-Making at Home

By Yasuko Kamimura; Graph-sha, 1997

Chirashi-zushi, maki-zushi, inaru-zushi, etc.; pb $15.00


Three Bowl Cookbook - The Secrets of Enlightened Cooking From the Zen Mountain Center

By David Scott and Tom Pappas; Tuttle Publishing 2000

120 vegetarian recipes seasoned with Zen stories and enlightening haiku; HC $22.95


Tofu and Soybean Cooking

By Kyoko Honda, Sc.D.; Graph-sha Ltd., 1997

Includes Japanese, Western, and Chinese-style recipes; pb $15.00


Washoku-w.jpg (56895 bytes) Washoku:  Recipes From the Japanese Home Kitchen

By Elizabeth Andoh; photography by Leigh Beisch; Ten Speed Press, 2005

More than a collection of recipes (including sections on Stocks, Sauces, and Other Condiments; Soups; Rice; Noodles; Vegetables; Fish; Meat and Poultry; Tofu and Eggs; Desserts), but also a thoughtful introduction to the Japanese approach to food preparation and presentation; with color photographs and index; HC $35.00


The Whole Soy Cookbook

By Patricia Greenberg with Helen Newton Hartung; Three Rivers Press, 1998

175 nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes featuring tofu, tempeh, and various forms of the soybean; pb $16.00


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