AdiosToTears-w.jpg (17464 bytes)

Adios to Tears:  The Memoirs of a Japanese-Peruvian Internee in U.S. Concentration Camps

By Seiichi Higashide; University of Washington Press, 2000; pb $17.95


AmericanSon-w2.jpg (6396 bytes)

An American Son:  The Story of George Aratani, Founder of Mikasa and Kenwood 

By Naomi Hirahara; Japanese American National Museum, 2001

The inspiring story of the man who not only founded powerful businesses, but reveals the ability of Japanese Americans to create their own American success stories; pb $18.95


Asian American Authors (Collective Biographies Series)

By Kathy Ishizuka; Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2000

Includes  Carlos Bulosan, Sook Nyul Choi, Maxine Hong Kingston, Marie G. Lee, Bette Bao Lord, Kyoko Mori, Bharati Mukherjee, Amy Tan, Yoshiko Uchida, and Laurence Yep; Grades 6+; Library Binding, $21.00


AutobioGeisha-w2.jpg (8403 bytes)

Autobiography of a Geisha

By Sayo Masuda; translated by G. G. Rowley; Columbia University Press, 2005

The first full-length autobiography of a former hot-springs-resort geisha chronicles the harsh life in a geisha house; pb $19.95


Autumn Lightning:  The Education of an American Samurai

By Dave Lowry; Shambhala Publications, Inc., reprint 2001

This autobiography is the story of a life balanced between two cultures; pb $15.95


BentoBoxInHeartland-w.jpg (35561 bytes) Bento Box in the Heartland:  My Japanese Girlhood in Whitebread America

By Linda Furiya; Avalon Publishing Group, 2006

A 'food memoir' in a small Indiana farm community; pb $15.95


Beyond Loyalty-w2.jpg (8859 bytes)

Beyond Loyalty:  The Story of a Kibei

By Minoru Kiyota; translated by Linda Klepinger Keenan; University of Hawaii Press, 1998

Autobiography; pb $24.95


Chinese Cinderella-w2.jpg (8421 bytes)

Chinese Cinderella - The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter

By Adeline Yen Mah; Random House, 1999

An ALA Best Book for Young Adults; A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1999; Publishers Weekly starred review; Ages 12+; HC $16.95; pb $6.99


Citizen 13660-w2.jpg (9944 bytes)

Citizen 13660 

Drawings and text by Mine Okubo; University of Washington Press reprint,  1983 

A memoir of the author's life in Tanforan Assembly Center and Topaz Relocation Center during WWII; pb $14.95


DtrOfGun.jpg (45725 bytes)

Daughter of a Gun

By Kaori Tanegashima;iUniverse, 2008

Follows the personal experiences of this first professor of Asian Studies courses in the entire 9-campus Community College District of Los Angeles County; pb $20.95

Desert Exile-w2.jpg (10688 bytes)

Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family

By Yoshiko Uchida; University of Washington Press, 1982

The author describes her family's story before the war and during internment; Ages 12+; pb $14.95


Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders

By Naomi Hirahara; Greenwood Press, 2003

Biographies of 96 men and women with varying backgrounds, but all with successful business careers; includes references for further reading; HC $69.95


The Dream of Water:  A Memoir

By Kyoko Mori; Random House, 1996

The author travels back to Kobe, Japan, the city of her birth, in an unspoken desire to come to terms with the memory of her mother's suicide and the family she left behind thirteen years before; pb $19.00


 Epitaph for a Peach:  Four Seasons On My Family Farm

By David Mas Masumoto; HarperCollins, 1996; pb $13.95


The Evacuation Diary of Hatsuye Egami

Edited by Claire Gorfinkel; Intentional Productions, 1996

Daily recordings reveal the inner thoughts of immigrant Hatsuye Egami while living in Tulare Assembly Center; pb $12.95


FallingLeaves-w2.jpg (9845 bytes)

Falling Leaves - The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter

By Adeline Yen Mah; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997 (hardcover edition); Random House, 1999 (paperback);  HC $22.95; pb $14.95


FarewellManzanar-w2.jpg (9151 bytes)

Farewell To Manzanar

By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston; Random House, pb ed., 1995; Houghton Mifflin Co., HC ed., 2002

The true story of one Japanese American family's experience during and after the World War II internment; Ages 12+; HC $16.00; pb $6.99


FourSeasons-w2.jpg (11010 bytes)

Four Seasons in Five Senses:  Things Worth Savoring

By David Mas Masumoto; W.W. Norton & Co., 2004; pb $13.95


GirlWithWhite-w2.jpg (11502 bytes)

The Girl With The White Flag

By Tomiko Higa; translated by Dorothy Britton; Kodansha, 1991

Separated from her family in the confusion and horror of WWII, Tomiko Higa tells her own story of survival on the battlefields of Okinawa, Japan; ALA Book for Reluctant YA Readers; pb $11.95


Harvest Son:  Planting Roots in American Soil

By David Mas Masumoto; W.W. Norton and Co., 1999; pb $13.00


Hayao Miyazaki-w2.jpg (11399 bytes)

Hayao Miyazaki - Master of Japanese Animation

By Helen McCarthy; Stonebridge Press, 1999

An introduction to Miyazaki's life and work; pb $18.95


HeartbeatStruggle-w.jpg (24574 bytes) Heartbeat of Struggle:  The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama

by Diane C. Fujino; University of Minnesota Press, 2005

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $19.95


Heirlooms-w.jpg (34520 bytes) Heirlooms:  Letters From a Peach Farmer

By David Mas Masumoto; illustrated by Doug Hansen; Heyday Books, 2007

A follow-up to Letters to the Valley:  A Harvest of Memories; HC $21.95

I'm The One That I Want

By Margaret Cho; Random House, 2002; pb $14.95


Kid From Kauai:  A Memoir

By Robert Okazaki and Dorothy Hazzard; Mutual Publishing, 2002

Bob Okazaki's account of surviving life's extreme highs and lows including moray eel bites, ghosts, four major wars, a depression, dangerous jobs, earthquakes, countless girlfriends, success and failure, and more; pb $19.95


KiyosStory.jpg (40598 bytes) Kiyo's Story:  A Memoir

By Kiyo Sato; Soho Press, 2009

Originally published in 2007 by Willow Valley Press as Dandelion Through the Crack:  The Sato Family Quest for the American Dream; winner of the 2008 William Saroyan Prize for Nonfiction; Winner of the Northern California Publishers & Authors Gold Award for Best First Book; HC $25.00


LastSamurai-w2.jpg (8376 bytes)

The Last Samurai:  The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori

By Mark Ravina; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004

HC $32.50; pb $16.95


LettersToValley-w.jpg (30546 bytes)

Letters to the Valley:  A Harvest of Memories

By David Mas Masumoto; illustrated by Doug Hansen; Heyday Books, 2004

Masumoto writes letters to family members, friends and neighbors, reflecting on a savored life as a Japanese American farmer; pb $14.95


LifeOfIsamuNoguchi-w.jpg (18502 bytes) The Life of Isamu Noguchi:  Journey Without Borders

By Masayo Duus; translated by Peter Duus; Princeton University Press, 2004

Born in Los Angeles as the illegitimate son of an American mother and a Japanese poet father, Noguchi (1904-1988) was one of the most prolific yet enigmatic figures in twentieth-century art.  Includes bibliographical references and index; HC $29.95; pb $18.95


Lives of Notable Asian Americans (Arts, Entertainment, Sports)  

By Geraldine Gan; Chelsea House Publishers, 1995

Includes Michael Chang, Sammy Lee, Zubin Mehta, Wayne Wang, Kristi Yamaguchi, Maya Lin, Isamu Noguchi, Anna May Wong, Yo-Yo Ma, Margaret Cho; with bibliographical references and index; HC $22.95


Lives of Notable Asian Americans (Literature and Education)

By Christina Chu; Chelsea House Publishers, 1996

Includes Amy Tan, Kimiko Hahn, Li-Young Lee, Maxine Hong Kingston, David Mura, Michael Ondaatje, Han Ung, Jessica Hagedorn, David Henry Hwang, Willyce Kim, Marie Lee, Bharati Mukherjee, Dwight Okita, Laurence Yep; HC $19.95


LoneSamurai-w.jpg (28809 bytes)

The Lone Samurai:  The Life of Miyamoto Musashi

By William Scott Wilson; Kodansha International, 2004

The first biography of the legendary master swordsman, spiritual seeker, and author of The Book of Five Rings to appear in English; HC $24.00


Madame Sadayakko:  The Geisha Who Bewitched The West

By Lesley Downer; Gotham Books, 2003; pb $13.00


Morning Glory, Evening Shadow:  Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945

Edited, Annotated, and with a Biographical Essay by Gordon H. Chang; Stanford University Press, 1997; pb $31.95


My Country Versus Me

By Wen Ho Lee with Helen Zia; Hyperion, 2001

The first-hand account by the Los Alamos scientist who was falsely accused of being a spy; HC $23.95; pb $14.95


My Spy:  Memoir of a CIA Wife

By Bina Cady Kiyonaga; Harpercollins, 2000; pb $14.00


NativeAmLandofShogun-w.jpg (28967 bytes)

Native American in the Land of the Shogun:  Ranald MacDonald and the Opening of Japan

By Frederik L. Schodt; Stone Bridge Press, 2003

The true story of a half-Chinook, half-Scot adventurer who entered feudal Japan in 1848 and helped pave the way for its modernization; pb $19.95


Nisei Daughter

By Monica Sone; University of Washington Press, reprint 1979

The author's unique personal account of growing up in Seattle in the 1930's, then being subjected to "relocation" during WWII; pb $14.95


NoOnesPerfect-w.jpg (20893 bytes)

No One's Perfect

By H. Ototake; Translated by Gerry Harcourt; Kodansha International, 2000

Oto is a boy born without arms or legs.  He also came home from school one day and told his parents he had signed up to play basketball.  In a style purposefully meant to reach all ages, Oto writes about his unique childhood in Japan, a country that traditionally shields the disabled from the public eye; pb $12.95


OneSunnyDay-w.jpg (25816 bytes)

One Sunny Day - A Child's Memories of Hiroshima

By Hideko Tamura Snider; Open Court , 1996; includes index; pb $17.95


OnlyWoman-w.jpg (25771 bytes)

The Only Woman in the Room:  A Memoir

By Beate Sirota Gordon; Kodansha International, 1997

This daughter of renowned Russian pianist Leo Sirota recounts her life in Europe, prewar Japan, and the United States including her role in drafting the women's rights section of Japan's new constitution and later in promoting Asian cultural arts in the US; OUT OF PRINT; ONE COPY AVAILABLE; pb $14.95


Polite Lies.jpg (14567 bytes)

Polite Lies - On Being A Woman Caught Between Cultures

By Kyoko Mori; Random House, 1997

Mori explores the different codes of silence, deference, and expression that govern Japanese and American women's lives; pb $13.95


Reflections-w.jpg (18078 bytes) Reflections

By George T. Tamura; 1995

pb $16.00



By Saburo Sakai with Martin Caidin and Fred Saito; ibooks, inc., 2001

The harrowing experiences of Japan's greatest fighter pilot to survive WWII; pb $14.00


Shipwrecked!  The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy

By Rhoda Blumberg; HarperCollins, 2001

In 1841, rescued by an American whaler after a terrible shipwreck leaves him and his four fishing companions castaways on a remote island, fourteen-year-old Manjiro learns new laws and customs as he becomes the first Japanese person to set foot in the United States; Ages 8+; pb $8.99


SwimmingAmerican-w.jpg (34488 bytes) Swimming in the American:  A Memoir and Selected Writings

By Hiroshi Kashiwagi; Asian American Curriculum Project, 2005

pb $14.95


Talking To High Monks In The Snow:  An Asian American Odyssey

By Lydia Minatoya; HarperCollins, 1993; pb $13.00


TasteStrawberries-w.jpg (37590 bytes)

A Taste For Strawberries:  The Independent Journey of Nisei Farmer Manabi Hirasaki

By Manabi Hirasaki with Naomi Hirahara; Japanese American National Museum, 2003

HC $45.00; pb $16.95


A Thousand Pieces of Gold:  A Memoir of China's Past Through Its Proverbs

By Adeline Yen Mah; HarperCollins, 2002

Chinese proverbs presented in a historical, cultural and personal context; Includes bibliographical references; pb $13.95


Totto-chan - The Little Girl at the Window

By Tetsuko Kuroyanagi; translated by Dorothy Britton; Kodansha International, 1982

This series of childhood recollections tells about an ideal school in Tokyo during WWII that combined learning with fun, freedom, and love; pb $11.00


Tule Lake:  An Issei Memoir

By Noboru Shirai; translated by Ray Hosoda; Muteki Press, 2001 (English version)

Includes notes, glossary, statistics, photographs, camp map, camp index, block and barrack layout and oral histories of former internees; pb $19.00


Turning Japanese:  Memoirs of a Sansei

By David Mura; Grove/Atlantic, 2005; pb $14.00


Watching The Tree:  A Chinese Daughter Reflects on Happiness, Tradition, and Spiritual Wisdom

By Adeline Yen Mah; Random House, 2001

Includes bibliographical references; HC $22.95


With Obligation To All

By George R. Ariyoshi; Ariyoshi Foundation, 1997; HC $20.00


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