120JpsePrints.jpg (45185 bytes) 120 Japanese Prints CD-ROM & Book

Dover Publications, 2006

120 royalty-free full color electronic designs for Macintosh and Windows featuring works of Hokusai, Hiroshige and others; range of subjects include:  courtesans, Kabuki actors, autumn harvests and dancers, geisha, samurai warriors, Mt. Fuji; includes Dover Design Manager to allow users to easily browse, print, crop, and rotate the images; pb book and CD-ROM $19.95


Art&Tech-w (2).jpg (14052 bytes)

The Art and Technique of Sumi-e Japanese Ink-Painting 

As taught by Ukai Uchiyama by Kay Morrissey Thompson; Tuttle Publishing, 1994; with glossary, index; pb $19.95


ArtofJapan-w2.jpg (10332 bytes)

Art of Japan - Wood-Block Color Prints

By Carol Finley; Lerner Publications, 1998

Focuses on Japanese wood-block prints of the Edo period (1600-1868) by explaining the subject matter as well as the technique used in making them; includes bibliographical references and index; Ages 10+; HC $17.95


ArtJpseJoinery-w (2).jpg (7650 bytes)

The Art of Japanese Joinery 

By Kiyosi Seike; translated and adapted with an introduction by Yuriko Yobuko and Rebecca M. Davis; Weatherhill, 1977

An introduction to the unique history and development of Japanese carpentry; includes 48 joints; pb $19.95


AsianKites-w.jpg (48717 bytes) Asian Kites (Asian Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids)

By Wayne Hosking; Tuttle Publishing, 2005

Includes full-color instructions to create 15 beautiful kites out of common materials; with resource information and bibliography; Ages 7+; HC $12.95


BambooInJpn-w2.jpg (10700 bytes)

Bamboo In Japan

By Nancy Moore Bess with Bibi Wein; Kodansha International, 2001

With over 250 photographs, illustrations, and artwork, and illuminating text, the intricacies and versatility of this native plant are revealed; ten chapters are entitled "Bamboo in Japanese Culture," "Bamboo Itself: A Living Resource," "Crafts in Japan," "Basketry," "Bamboo and the Traditional Arts," "Gardens and Architecture," "Bamboo in the Home," "Personal Accessories," "Bamboo and Play," "Celebration, Performance, and Ritual"; HC $49.95


BrushWriting-w2.jpg (8949 bytes)

Brush Writing - Calligraphy Techniques for Beginners

By Ryokushu Kuiseko; Kodansha International, 1988; with index; pb $27.00


Building Bamboo Fences

By Isao Yoshikawa; Japan Publication Trading Co., 2001; pb $19.95


ChineseDesCDROM-w.jpg (31844 bytes)

Chinese Designs CD-ROM and Book

Dover Publications, 2002

One CD-ROM contains 351 high-quality permission-free illustrations, scanned at 600 DPI and saved in six different formats; includes rendered images of mythic figures, intricate floral sprays, pandas, bamboo leaves, tiger, dragons, butterflies, clouds, waves, a portion of the Great Wall, border patterns, and more; CD-ROM and book $14.95


ChineseFolkDesCDROM-w.jpg (33134 bytes)

Chinese Folk Designs CD-ROM and Book

Dover Publications, 2002

Vibrant, energetic and bold, the intricate hua yang patterns are cut freehand from paper and depict traditional symbols from Chinese art and literature; a collection of over 200 images including florals, birds, reptiles, landscapes, Chinese characters, insects, fish, and human and mythological figures; permission-free images scanned at 600 DPI and saved in six different formats; CD-ROM and book $14.95


CollectingJpseAntiques-w.jpg (37001 bytes) Collecting Japanese Antiques

By Alistair Seton; Tuttle Publishing, 2004

Includes chapters on screens and scrolls, ukiyo-e and other prints. ceramics. furniture, textiles, lacquerware, cloisonne, sculpture and metalwork, swords and armor, tea ceremony utensils, dolls, flower baskets, sagemono; with index and bibliography; HC $50.00


ColorsOfJpn-w2.jpg (12563 bytes)

The Colors of Japan

Captions, Commentary, and Photography by Sadao Hibi; Introductory Essays and Main Text by Kunio Fukuda; Translation by John Bester; Kodansha International, 2000

A look into the unique use of color in Japanese culture from prehistoric times to present day; HC $35.00


The Complete Japanese Joinery

Japanese Woodworking by Hideo Sato; Japanese Joinery by Yasua Nakahara; translated by Koichi Paul Nii; Hartley & Marks, 1995

Originally published in two volumes, covers all aspects of the craft of Japanese woodworking including the care and use of tools, the layout and marking of wood, the cutting of joints, etc.; includes glossary; pb $29.95


CreativeGift-w2.jpg (9357 bytes)

Creative Gift Packaging 

By Yoko Kondo; Japan Publications, 1986; pb $15.00


Cut&MakeJpseMasks-w2.jpg (9008 bytes)

Cut and Make Japanese Masks

By A.G. Smith and Josie Hazen; Dover Publications, 1994

Clear diagrams and simple instructions show  how to cut, fold and glue 12 authentic Japanese masks including those used in Noh plays  and other types of theatrical roles; pb $8.95


DesignsForColoring-w2.jpg (10982 bytes)

Designs for Coloring - The Far East  

By Ruth Heller; Penguin Putnam, 1997

Intricate geometric designs from China, Japan, and Korea to color; pb $5.99


ElementsOfJpn-w2.jpg (13652 bytes)

The Elements of Japanese Design - A Handbook of Family Crests, Heraldry & Symbolism  

By John Dower; illustrations by Kiyoshi Kawamoto; Weatherhill reprint ed., 2000

A library of traditional Japanese design motifs in the form of more than 2700 family crests and the symbolic origins; pb $24.95


FamilyCrestsOfJpn-w2.jpg (12591 bytes)

Family Crests of Japan

Stone Bridge Press, 2007

Presents an introduction to family crests as well as its distribution, usage, symbolism, and classification; pb $18.95


FancyHawaiianLeiCrochet-w.jpg (39874 bytes) Fancy Hawaiian Lei in Crochet

By Roberta E. Wong; Island Heritage Publishing, 2005

Step-by-step instructions with color photos for first-time or expert crocheters; over 40 different lei patterns; spiral bd $13.00


FlowersBirds.jpg (43404 bytes) Flower, Bird:  Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design

By Nobuyoshi Hamada; PIE BOOKS, 2008

color photographs; pb $35.00

FullColorJpseDes&Motifs-w.jpg (56620 bytes) Full-Color Japanese Designs and Motifs

Dover Publications, 2006

More than 130 royalty-free images reproduced from rare nineteenth-century portfolios; motifs include dragons, cranes, tigers, phoenixes, peacocks, flowers, plants, animal designs, geometric and abstract patterns; pb $14.95


GeniusJpseCarpentry-w2.jpg (9803 bytes)

Genius of Japanese Carpentry:  The Secrets of a Craft

By S. Azby Brown; Kodansha International, 1989

A survey of restoration work and new construction at the 1300-year-old Yakushiji Temple in Nara, Japan; with index and suggestions for further reading; pb $32.00


GiftWrappinig-w2.jpg (9526 bytes)

Gift Wrapping - Creative Ideas From Japan  

By Kunio Ekiguchi; Kodansha International, 1985

Sixty-six projects, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, present simple ways to wrap presents of all shapes and sizes; pb $18.00


Gods and Goblins - Japanese Folk Paintings from Otsu 

By Meher McArthur; Pacific Asia Museum, 1999

This catalog accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California, May to November 1999; with notes, bibliography, appendix; pb $28.00


GTMakingRibbonLei-w.jpg (49535 bytes) The Guide to Making Ribbon Lei

By Mellie Enos; Island Heritage Publishing, 2005

Merges traditional Hawaiian lei making with crochet and weaving techniques; full color, step-by-step instructions for 24 different lei patterns; spiral bd $13.00

HawaiianLeiCrochet-w.jpg (40615 bytes) Hawaiian Lei in Crochet

By Roberta E. Wong; Island Heritage Publishing, 2002

Thirty-three lei selections with basic stitches suitable for people of all levels of experience; with color photographs and easily-to-follow instructions throughout; spiral bd $13.00


Hokusai and Hiroshige:  Great Japanese Prints from the James A. Michener Collection, Honolulu Academy of Arts

By Julia M. White et al.; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1999; HC $50.00


HolidayPaperCrafts-w.jpg (41842 bytes) Holiday Paper Crafts From Japan

By Roberta A. Uhl; Tuttle Publishing, 2007

Seventeen easy holiday projects inspired by traditional Japanese washi paper; pb $16.95


HTMakeHawaiianRibbonLei-w2.jpg (11160 bytes)

How To Make Hawaiian Ribbon Leis:  A Step-By-Step Guide

By Coreen Iwamoto and Jim Widess; Mutual Publishing, 2002

Features fifteen different ribbon lei designs, many created to resemble local floral favorites such as pikake, ilima, hinahina, firecracker and white ginger; with colorful photo illustrations; pb $14.95


JpseAnimals&FloralCrestDes-w.jpg (47747 bytes) Japanese Animal & Floral Crest Designs

Edited by Paul Negri; Dover Publications, 2007

A collection of 1,160 black-and-white patterns and symbols drawn from traditional Japanese family crests; pb $7.95

Japanese Bookbinding

By Kojiro Ikegami; Weatherhill, 1986; HC $32.50


JpseBorderDes-w.jpg (62485 bytes)

Japanese Border Designs

Selected and edited by Theodore Menten; Dover Publications, 1975

With 463 illustrations; pb $7.95


JpseCrestsCDROM-w2.jpg (13931 bytes)

Japanese Crests CD-ROM & Book

Dover Publications, 2003

920 different permission-free designs scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, JPEG, GIF); electronic clip art for Macintoch and Windows; CD-ROM and book $14.95


JpseCut&UseStencil-w2.jpg (12867 bytes)

Japanese Cut and Use Stencils

By Theodore Menten; Dover Publications, 1980

Fifty-three full-size stencils printed on durable stencil paper; pb $7.95


JpseDesignCDROM.jpg (35065 bytes) Japanese Design:  CD-ROM/Book Image Archive

Dover Publications, 2006

Includes 249 high-resolution, profiled color JPEG images; 18 black-and-white, 1200--dpi, bit-mapped print-ready TIFF graphics; 113 highly-scalable, vector-based EPS versions; 72-dpi, internet-ready JPEG graphics; for Windows or Macintosh; CD and pb book $39.95


JpseDesMotif-w2.jpg (19265 bytes)

Japanese Design Motifs:  4260 Illustrations of Heraldic Crests

By Matsuya Piece-Goods Store; translated by Fumie Adachi; Dover Publications, 1978; pb $14.95


JpseDesignsCDROM.jpg (39205 bytes)

Japanese Designs:  CD-ROM and Book

Dover Publications, 2002

Four hundred fifty-four different permission-free black-and-white designs scanned at 600 DPI and saved in six different formats; CD-ROM and book $14.95


JpseEmblemsDes-w2.jpg (13146 bytes)

Japanese Emblems and Designs

Edited by Walter Amstutz; Dover Publications, 1970

Nearly 800 copyright-free designs for use or adaptation by commercial artists, craftspeople and designers; pb $12.95


Japanese Floral Stencil Designs

Edited by James Spero; Dover Publications, 1991

One hundred thirty-five floral motifs; OUT OF  PRINT; one copy remaining; pb $8.95


Japanese Ink-Painting:  Lessons in Suiboku Technique

By Ryukyu Saito; Tuttle Publishing, 2000

Provides fundamental techniques for beginners; pb $16.95


The Japanese Print - A Historical Guide 

By Hugo Munsterberg; Weatherhill, reprint ed., 2000

With bibliography and index; pb $19.95


Japanese Textile Designs

By Ming-ju Sun; Stemmer House, 1994

Reproductions of textile motifs developed through the centuries by Japanese artisans; pb $7.95


Japanese Washi Paper Crafts

By Robertta A. Uhl; 2002

Seventeen projects to make with handmade Japanese washi paper; each project with step-by-step diagrams; color photographs; previously published as Wonderful Ways With Washi; pb $16.95


Japanese Woodblock Printing

By Rebecca Salter; University of Hawaii Press, 2002 

Discusses the history, materials, tools, techniques through step-by-step projects; pb $19.95


Japanese Woodworking Tools:  Their Tradition, Spirit and Use

By Toshio Odate; Linden Publishing, 1998

For beginner to professional; pb $24.95


Kirigami8-w2.jpg (15807 bytes)


By Joyce Hwang; Heian International, 1992

The art of paper folding and cutting; each include origami paper; $6.95 each

- #1 - Basic Design

- #2 - Basic Design

- #3 - Flowers

- #4 - Christmas

- #5 - Sweethearts

- #6 - Classic Design

- #7 - Alphabet

- #8 - Lucky Symbols

MakingEyelashCrochet-w2.jpg (12049 bytes)

Making Eyelash Crochet Leis

By Coryn Tanaka and May Masaki; Bess Press, 2004

Includes supply lists and step-by-step instructions; 51 different designs, with photographs, arranged by color and style for easy selection; simple patterns for a variety of multicolored lei designs and styles; spiral bd, $9.95


MakingJpse-Style-w2.jpg (10047 bytes)

Making Japanese-Style Lamps & Lanterns

By Edward R. Turner; Hartley & Marks, 2002

Eighteen woodworking projects including complete plans and step-by-step instructions; pb $19.95


MatsuyaJpseCrestDes-w.jpg (46956 bytes) Matsuya Japanese Crest Designs CD-ROM & Book

Dover Publications, 2006

Includes 1,240 royalty-free images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats; for Windows or Macintosh; CD and book $16.95


Mizuhiki-w.jpg (27657 bytes) Mizuhiki - Kogei Nyumon:  A step by step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving

By Haruko Shimizu

Table of Contents includes:  History; Tools and Materials; Basic Mizuhiki Ties with instructions for the following: Kame (simple turtle); Tsuru (crane); Tombo (dragon fly); Ise Ebi (lobster); Kaeru (frog); Matsuba (pine needle); Matsu (pine cone); Variations of Leaves with instructions for Kame No Ko Leaf; Flat Bamboo Leaf; Open Spaced Leaf; Kame & Tsuru Flat Circle; Basic Mizuhiki Braids including Three-, Four-, Six-strand Braid, and Rope Braid; and more; HC $37.00

Customer Review:  "The book is delightful and I'm very pleased that I can add it to my collection." -- K. Leach, U.K.


NatureArtChiuraObata-w.jpg (37576 bytes)

Nature Art with Chiura Obata

By Michael Elsohn Ross; illustrations by Wendy Smith; Lerner Publishing Group, 2000

Describes the life and work of nature artist Chiura Obata; includes tips on how readers can make their own nature art; OUT OF PRINT; LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE; HC $20.00


Obata's Yosemite:  The Art and Letters of Chiura Obata from His Trip to the High Sierra in 1927

With essays by Janice T. Driesbach and Susan Landauer; Yosemite Association, 1993; pb $24.95


OrigamiJewelry-w.jpg (51418 bytes) Origami Jewelry

By Ayako Brodek; Kodansha International, 2007

More than 40 exquisite designs to fold and wear; includes index and resource information; HC $24.95


Shoji-w.jpg (31747 bytes)

Shoji:  How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens

By Jay van Arsdale; Kodansha International, 1988

With index; pb $22.00


SimpleArtJpseCalligraphy-w.jpg (26476 bytes) The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy

by Yoko Takenami; Sterling Publishing Co., 2004

Introduction to the history of Japanese calligraphy and the "Four Treasures" of calligraphy:  the brush, ink. ink stone, and paper; with instructional exercises and fifteen projects using paper, ceramics and fabric; with color photographs; HC $19.95


SimpleArtJpsePapercrafts-w.jpg (38022 bytes) The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts

By Mari Ono; North Light Books, 2006

35 gift ideas with step-by-step instructions for traditional projects, gift boxes and wrappers, and contemporary projects; pb $19.99


SimpleArt Sumie-w.jpg (25711 bytes) The Simple Art of Sumi-e:  Mastering Japanese Ink Painting

By Takumasa Ono; Sterling Publishing, Co., 2005

Learn about the techniques and spirituality of sumi-e, and how to create 15 sophisticated projects from wallhangings to chopstick holders; OUT OF PRINT; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE; HC $19.95


SnowWavePine-w.jpg (53374 bytes)

Snow, Wave, Pine:  Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design

By Sadao Hibi and Motoji Niwa; Translated by Jay W. Thomas; Kodansha International, 2001

Provides an introduction of seventy-five important patterns as depicted on a variety of objects and its significance in the context of Japan's art, religion, and politics; a selection of over one thousand family crests are Illustrated;  with over 450 color plates; HC $65.00


Tansu--Traditional Japanese Carpentry

By Ty and Kiyoko Heineken; Weatherhill, 2004

Includes history and techniques involved in tansu making; pb $29.95


Things Japanese

By Nicholas Bornoff and Michael Freeman; Periplus Ed., 2002; HC $24.95


Traditional Japanese Crest Design

Edited by Clarence Hornung; Dover Publications, 1986

Five hundred forty motifs on 44 plates; pb $6.95


Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople

By Isao Honda; Dover Publications, 2002

Includes directions for cutting a crest pattern "monkiri" with one to six folds; pb $11.95


TradJpseStencil-w2.jpg (12936 bytes)

Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs

Edited by Clarence Hornung; Dover Publications, 1985; pb $12.95


WabiSabiforArtists-w2.jpg (6571 bytes)

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers 

By Leonard Koren; Stone Bridge Press, 1994; pb $14.95


Wabi-Sabi:  A New Look at Japanese Design 

By Lennox Tierney; Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 1999

An exploration of the Zen influence on Japanese design; with glossary; OUT OF PRINT; 1 COPY AVAILABLE; HC $21.95


Zen Board

With this "magical" surface, have fun  practicing hiragana, katakana, and kanji again and again; a Japanese writing brush is included; A brush stroke of water (no ink, please!) on the Zen Board produces a deep black image; as the surface dries, the image fades, and you can begin again; also enhances creativity and relaxation!

Overall dimension:  17"W x 12"H; Paper dimension: 12"W x 8"H; Black or Natural mat frame with Japanese writing brush; $26.00 


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