Achieving the Impossible Dream - How Japanese Americans Obtained Redress

By Mitchell T. Maki, Harry H.L. Kitano, and S. Megan Berthold; University of Illinois Press, 1999

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $22.50


AlteredLives-w.jpg (22746 bytes) Altered Lives, Enduring Community:  Japanese Americans Remember Their World War II Incarceration

By Stephen S. Fugita and Marilyn Fernandez; University of Washington Press, 2004

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $24.95


AmericansStoryof442ndCombatTeam-w.jpg (17415 bytes) Americans:  The Story of The 442nd Combat Team

By Orville C. Shirey; 1946, Battery Press Inc., 1998 reprint

152 pages. 49 photos/drawings. 7 maps; includes appendix; HC $40


AndJusticeForAll-w.jpg (20435 bytes)

And Justice For All - An Oral History of the Japanese American Detention Camps 

By John Tateishi; University of Washington Press, 1999

pb $19.95


ArtGaman-w.jpg (32804 bytes)

The Art of Gaman:  Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps 1942-1946

By Delphine Hirasuna; Photography by Terry Heffernan; Ten Speed Press, 2005

A photographic collection of arts and crafts made in the Japanese American internment camps during WWII, along with a historical overview of the camps; with color photographs; HC $35.00


Asian America - Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 

By Roger Daniels; University of Washington Press, 1988

Includes selected bibliography and index; winner of the 1988 Outstanding Book Award of the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights in the United States; pb $18.95


BambooPeople-w.jpg (56206 bytes)

The Bamboo People:  The Law and Japanese-Americans 

By Frank F. Chuman; Japanese American Research Project and Japanese American Citizens League, 1976

The legal history of people of Japanese ancestry in America-- starting from the first Japanese immigrants who established the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony in 1869; pb $10.00


BeingJA-w.jpg (45910 bytes) Being Japanese American:  A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa ... & Their Friends

By Gil Asakawa; Stone Bridge Press, 2004

An entertaining blend of facts, memories, customs, food, language, interviews, recipes and songs; Includes references and index; pb $14.95


BetrayedTrust-w.jpg (35418 bytes) Betrayed Trust:  The Story of a Deported Issei and His American-Born Family During WWII

By Motomu Akashi; AuthorHouse, 2004

pb $20.00


Beyond Barbed Wire DVD

Kit Parker Films, 2001

Narrated by Noriyuki "Pat" Morita; recounts the struggles of the US Army's newly formed 442nd Division-- the most highly decorated division in the Army's history; 88 minutes

Also includes two studies of the internment camps, "Japanese Relocation" and "Challenge to Democracy," and bonus movie "Go For Broke!" starring Van Johnson, the complete 1951 Hollywood feature film based on true-life events covered in the documentary; plus the short subject that inspired the feature film; Full DVD running time approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes; $15.00


Born Free and Equal:  The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans, Manzanar Relocation Center, Inyo County, California

Text and photographs by Ansel Adams; introduction by Archie Miyatake; edited by Wynne Benti; Spotted Dog Press, Inc., 2002

Based on the book by U.S. Camera in 1944, with photographs from the Library of Congress Collection; Limited Edition HC $45.00


BornInSeattle-w.jpg (19025 bytes)

Born In Seattle:  The Campaign for Japanese American Redress

By Robert Sadamu Shimabukuro; University of Washington Press, 2001

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $16.95


Boyhood to War:  History and Anecdotes of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team 

By Dorothy Matsuo; Mutual Publishing Co., 1992; HC $35.00


ByOrderOfPres-w.jpg (17643 bytes)

By Order of the President:  FDR and the Internment of Japanese Americans

By Greg Robinson; Harvard University Press, 2001; 

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $19.95


CampAndCommunity-w.jpg (31804 bytes) Camp and Community:  Manzanar and the Owens Valley

Edited by Jessie A. Garrett and Ronald C. Larson; California State University, Fullerton Japanese American Oral History Project, 1997

A collection of interviews with Owens Valley residents about their involvement with and response to the Manzanar camp during WWII; pb $24.00


CampDays-w.jpg (37613 bytes) Camp Days 1942-1945

By Chizuko Judy Sugita DeQueiroz; 2004

A memoir in art by an artist who was nine years old in 1942 when her family was incarcerated in Poston, Arizona; a vivid portrayal of her haunting memories in a series of paintings and narratives; pb $20.00


ChildrenOfTopaz-w.jpg (28212 bytes)

The Children of Topaz - The Story of a Japanese American Internment Camp Based on a Classroom Diary

By Michael O. Tunnell, George W. Chilcoat; Holiday House, 1996

The diary of a third-grade class of Japanese Americans being held with their families in an internment camp during WWII; Ages 10+; HC $19.95


Circle K Cycles

By Karen Tei Yamashita; Coffee House Press, 2001

A collection of short stories and memoir relating the experiences of primarily the Japanese Brazilians in Japan; pb $16.95


CombatChaplain-w.jpg (27250 bytes)

Combat Chaplain:  The Personal Story of the World War II Chaplain of the Japanese American 100th Battalion

By Israel A. S. Yost; University of Hawaii Press, 2006

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $25.00


DearMissBreed.jpg (54761 bytes) Dear Miss Breed:  True Stories of the Japanese American Incarceration During World War II and a Librarian Who Made a Difference

By Joanne Oppenheim; Scholastic, Inc., 2006

HC $22.99

BentoBox-w.jpg (75898 bytes) Deb Aoki's Bento Box:  Selected Comics from the Honolulu Advertiser 1996-2006

By Deb Aoki; Bento Box Press, 2006

Sample a bit of Island-style humor, as a 'local' gal looks for love, adventure, a non-hellish office job and a decent "Hawaiian-kine" plate lunch on the mainland; pb $13.95


Due Process:  Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United States Constitution, 1787-1994

National Japanese American Historical Society, 1995; pb $22.00


DustyExile-w.jpg (25675 bytes)

Dusty Exile:  Looking Back at Japanese Relocation During World War II

By Catherine Embree Harris; Mutual Publishing, 1999

A first-hand account told from the perspective of a Caucasian teacher who lived in the same camp (yet different world) from the incarcerated; pb $10.95


EncycJAHx-w.jpg (27996 bytes)

Encyclopedia of Japanese American History:  an A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present (updated edition)

By Japanese American National Museum, Brian Niiya, Editor; Facts on File, Inc., 2001

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $24.95


FarmingTheHomePlace-w.jpg (24088 bytes) Farming the Home Place:  A Japanese American Community in California 1919-1982

By Valerie J. Matsumoto; Cornell University Press, 1993

A vivid account of three generations of the Japanese American farming community of Cortez California; pb $20.00


FightingSpirit-w.jpg (60358 bytes) Fighting Spirit:  Judo in Southern California, 1930-1941

By Ansho Mas Uchima and Larry Akira Kobayashi; Midori Books, 2007 

Includes photographs, kata definitions, glossary, bibliography, name index; pb $22.00


The Four Immigrants Manga - A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924  

By Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama; translated by Frederik L. Schodt; Stone Bridge Press, 1999

Originally published in Japanese in San Francisco in 1931; provides a unique depiction of early Japanese American experiences; pb $12.95


Free To Die For Their Country:  The Story of the Japanese American Draft Resisters in World War II

By Eric L. Muller; University of Chicago Press, 2001; HC $27.50


From Our Side of the Fence:  Growing Up in America's Concentration Camps

Edited by Brian Komei Dempster; Kearny Street Workshop, 2001

Contains the first-person accounts of eleven former internees who recall their memories of youth in America's concentration camps; traces each author's personal journey through the World War II years; offers lesson plans for use by educators and students as well as for other internees who wish to tell their own stories; pb $15.00


From Pearl Harbor to Saigon:  Japanese American Soldiers and the Vietnam War

By Toshio Whelchel; New Left Books, 1999

Includes bibliographical references; HC $25.00


GoingForHonor.jpg (97000 bytes) Going For Honor, Going For Broke:  The 442 Story

Written, directed and narrated by George Toshio Johnston; Produced by George Toshio Johnston with the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program, 2006

The inspiring true story of America's most highly decorated military unit-- the 442, which during WWII was a segregated US Army unit that proved loyalty and patriotism were traits all Americans could share regardless of ancestry or physical appearance; DVD $14.99


GreenMakers-w.jpg (36757 bytes)

Green Makers:  Japanese American Gardeners in Southern California

Edited by Naomi Hirahara; Southern California Gardener's Federation, 2000

Equipped with only pick-up trucks and lawnmowers, Japanese American gardeners faced discriminatory laws and remained committed to their goal to transform the Southern California landscape for their families and community for more than a century; includes a timeline spanning a hundred years; sc $19.95


Hawaii:  End of the Rainbow

By Kazuo Miyamoto; Tuttle Publishing, 1964

Covers a period of almost seventy years starting around the turn of the 20th century with the Japanese immigrants to Hawaii; pb $12.95


HeartMtPhoto-w.jpg (41321 bytes)

Heart Mountain -- A Photo Essay:  A Reflection on the Heart Mountain Relocation Center

By Eiichi Edward Sakauye; Eiichi Sakauye, 2000

Includes basic facts and figures, timeline, chapters entitled "The Relocation," "Camp Government," Working in Heart Mountain," "Daily Life," "Agriculture in Heart Mountain," Creating A Community," "In The Midst of War," "Effects of Internment Life," "Going Home," "Reflections;" with index;  softcover $31.00


HelloMaggie-w.jpg (35199 bytes) Hello Maggie!

By Shigeru Yabu; illustrated by Willie Ito; Yabitoon Books, 2007

Author, Shig Yabu recalls his experiences of WWII, when, at the age of 9, he and his family were relocated from San Francisco to Heart Mountain, Wyoming; pb $11.95


HonorThyChildren-w.jpg (31623 bytes)

Honor Thy Children:  One Family's Journey to Wholeness 

By Molly Fumia; Conari Press, 2000

The true story about Jane and Alexander Nakatani who lose their three sons, two to AIDS, one to a tragic confrontation; pb $15.95


The Hood River Issei - An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley  

By Linda Tamura; University of Illinois Press, 1993; $19.95


ICallToRemembrance.jpg (106812 bytes) I Call to Remembrance:  Toyo Suyemoto's Years of Internment

Edited by Susan B. Richardson; Rutgers University Press, 2007

Known informally by literary scholars and the media as "Japanese America's poet laureate," Suyemoto identified herself as a storyteller, a teacher, a mother whose only child died from illness, and an internment camp survivor; a moving memoir of Suyemoto's internment camp experiences with her family and infant son at Tanforan Race Track and the Topaz Relocation Center from 1942 to 1945; pb $22.95


"I Can Never Forget" - Men of the 100th/442nd

By Thelma Chang; SIGI Productions, 1991

With bibliography and index; HC $34.95


ImprisonedApart-w.jpg (21648 bytes)

Imprisoned Apart:  The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple

By Louis Fiset; University of Washington Press, 1997

Includes bibliographical references and index; pb $19.95


InGoodConscience-w.jpg (42198 bytes) In Good Conscience:  Supporting Japanese Americans During the Internment

By Shizue Seigel; AACP, Inc., 2006

A project of the Military Intelligence Service Association of Northern California

With index; pb $26.95


HxAsianAmTheatre-w.jpg (22519 bytes) A History of Asian American Theatre

By Esther Kim Lee; Cambridge University Press, 2006



The Issei:  The World of the First Generation Japanese Immigrants, 1885-1924  

By Yuji Ichioka; Free Press, 1990 reprint ed; pb $16.95


Issei Pioneers - Hawaii and the Mainland 1885 to 1924

By Akemi Kikumura and Japanese American National Museum, 1992; HC $27.95


IsseiShadowGeneration-w.jpg (25908 bytes) Issei, The Shadow Generation:  Rooted in Japanese Values, Planted on American Soil

By Tsukasa Matsueda, Ed.D.; Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, 2006

The subtle cultural teachings of the first Japanese immigrants in America through their everyday actions and expressions; pb $17.00


Jan Ken Po:  The World of Hawaii's Japanese Americans

By Dennis M. Ogawa; University of Hawaii Press, 1973; $10.95


JACelebration-w.jpg (23550 bytes) Japanese American Celebration and Conflict:  A History of Ethnic identity and Festival in Los Angeles, 1934-1990

By Lon Kurashige; University of California Press, 2002

pb $18.95


JAFamAlbum-w.jpg (41365 bytes)

The Japanese American Family Album 

By Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler; Oxford University Press, 1996

A pictorial and written record of the Japanese immigrants, including their life left behind, their journey to America, and today's generation's contributions to the diversity of the United States; pb $17.95


JpseAmResettlemt.jpg (79813 bytes) Japanese American Resettlement Through the Lens

By Lane Ryo Hirabayashi with Kenichiro Shimada; Photographs by Hikaru Carl Iwasaki; University Press of Colorado, 2009

A unique collection of photographs by War Relocation Authority photographer Hikaru Carl Iwasaki; HC $34.95


JpseAmWomen-w.jpg (32248 bytes)

Japanese American Women:  Three Generations 1890-1990 

By Mei Nakano; Mina Press Pub., 1990; pb $14.95


JAsInChicago-w.jpg (46970 bytes) Japanese Americans in Chicago

By Alice Murata; Tempus Publishing, Inc., 2002

pb $19.99


JASoBay.jpg (151178 bytes) Japanese Americans of the South Bay

By Dale Ann Sato; Arcadia Publishing, 2009

pb $21.99

Japanese Eyes American Heart - Personal Reflections of Hawaii's World War II Nisei Soldiers

Compiled by the Hawaii Nikkei History Editorial Board; Tendai Educational Foundation, 1998

With index; pb $24.95


JudgmentWithoutTrial-w.jpg (27818 bytes)

Judgment  Without Trial:  Japanese American Imprisonment during World War II

By Tetsuden Kashima; University of Washington Press, 2003

The author reveals that long before the 1941 atack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. government began making plans for the eventual internment and later incarceration of the Japanese American population; with index and bibliography; HC $35.00


JustAmericans-w.jpg (27579 bytes) Just Americans:  How Japanese Americans Won a War at Home and Abroad

By Robert Asahina; Gotham Books, 2006

The story of the 100th Battalion / 442nd Regimental Combat Team in WWII; includes bibliographical references and index; HC $ 27.50


KeepItGoing-w.jpg (30823 bytes) Keep It Going Pass It On:  Poetry Inspired by the Manzanar Pilgrimage

The Manzanar Committee, 2004

From the first annual Manzanar pilgrimage in 1969 to the Manzanar After Dark (MAD-ness!) program added in 1997-- here is a compilation of poetry written for and about camp; pb $10.00


Kokoro-w.jpg (28010 bytes) Kokoro:  Cherished Japanese Traditions in Hawaii

By Japanese Women's Society of Honolulu; Japanese Women's Society Foundation, 2004

Provides an explanation of various customs and traditions that have originated in Japan and have evolved to be uniquely Japanese American in Hawaii; Table of Contents include:  Japanese Culture & Traditions; Special Celebrations; Japanese Crafts; Gift Giving; Japanese Decorating Accents; Children's Section; Japanese Cuisine; What to Say & How to Say It; More Things Japanese; Suggested Reading; color photos; spiral bound $18.00


LastWitnesses-w.jpg (34111 bytes)

Last Witnesses:  Reflections on the Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans

Edited by Erica Harth; St. Martin's Press, 2001

Includes personal narratives, bibliographical references; HC $24.95; pb $16.95


LonelyQ-w.jpg (23643 bytes)

The Lonely Queue:  The Forgotten History of the Courageous Chinese Americans in Los Angeles

By Icy Smith; East West Discovery Press, 2001

Bilingual in Chinese and English; with more than 200 vintage black and white photographs; 2001 Independent Publisher Award Finalist; HC $39.95


LookingLikeEnemy-w.jpg (31556 bytes)

Looking Like The Enemy:  My Story of Imprisonment in Japanese-American Internment Camps

By Mary Matsuda Gruenewald; NewSage Press, 2005

In this memoir, the author, who was 17 years old, living an idyllic life in Vashon Island, Washington, when she and her family were relocated to an internment camp, is able to express emotions she had repressed for years; pb $13.95


LostBattalions-w.jpg (26134 bytes)

Lost Battalions - Going For Broke in the Vosges, Autumn 1944  

By Franz Steidl; Presidio Press, 1997

HC $21.95; pb $18.95


Manzanar.jpg (125116 bytes) Manzanar (Images of America series) 

By Jane Wehrey; Arcadia Publishing, 2008

A pictorial odyssey through Manzanar's past including images from private and museum archives and wartime photographs by Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Toyo Miyatake; pb $19.99


Memories-BuddhistChurchExpCamps-w.jpg (39577 bytes) Memories:  The Buddhist Church Experience in the Camps, 1942-1945 (Second Revised Edition)

Compiled by Eiko Irene Masuyama; Buddhist Churches of America Research and Propagation Committee, 2004

pb $25.00


Morning Glory, Evening Shadow:  Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945

Edited, Annotated, and with a Biographical Essay by Gordon H. Chang; Stanford University Press, 1997; pb $27.95


MovingWalls-w.jpg (17835 bytes)

Moving Walls - Preserving the Barracks of America's Concentration Camps  

By Sharon Yamato; photographs by Stan Honda

Nearly 50 years after the camps were closed, 32 volunteers traveled to Heart Mountain, Wyoming, to dismantle two barracks that had survived disrepair and deterioration and move them to the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles; pb $10.00


NNVLittleTokyo-w.jpg (33237 bytes) Nanka Nikkei Voices - Little Tokyo, Changing Times Changing Faces

Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California, Volume III, 2004

softcover $20.00


NNVResettlemtYrs-w.jpg (22220 bytes) Nanka Nikkei Voices - Resettlement Years 1945-1955

Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California, 1998

softcover $15.00


NikkeiPacificNorthwest-w.jpg (19322 bytes) Nikkei in The Pacific Northwest:  Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Louis Fiset and Gail M. Nomura; University of Washington Press, 2005

pb $25.00


New Worlds, New Lives:  Globalization and People of Japanese Descent in the Americas and from Latin America in Japan

Edited by Lane Hirabayashi and Akemi Kikumura-Yano; Stanford University Press, 2002; HC $24.95


NightsofFire-w.jpg (18104 bytes) Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain

Poems by Amy Uyematsu; Story Line Press, 1998

pb $12.00

NiseiVoices-w.jpg (35637 bytes)

Nisei Voices:  Japanese American Students of the 1930s-- Then & Now (3rd ed.)

Joyce Hirohata & Paul T. Hirohata, ed.; Hirohata Designs, 2004

Documents and celebrates the lives of the first Japanese American valedictorians of California public schools in the 1930s; Paul T. Hirohata first published the valedictorians' speeches in a book called Orations and Essays; seventy years later, his granddaughter has updated and expanded on his work, adding photographs and interviews; pb $24.95


NiseiSoldier-w.jpg (21740 bytes) The Nisei Soldier:  Historical Essays on World War II and the Korean War

By Edwin M. Nakasone; J-Press, 1999

pb $19.95


NothingLeft.jpg (99783 bytes) Nothing Left In My Hands:  The Issei of a Rural California Town, 1900-1942

By Kazuko Nakane; Heyday Books, 2008

Originally published by Young Pine Press in 1985, this is a moving portrait of the Issei of Watsonville CA, who were regarded as highly skilled berry growers and instrumental in the development of strawberry farming in the region; pb $14.95


NurseOfManzanar.jpg (49644 bytes) Nurse of Manzanar:  A Japanese American's World War II Journey (Derived from My Memories of World War II By Toshiko Eto Nakamura)

By Samuel Nakamura;Foreword by Arthur A. Hansen; Samuel Nakamura, 2009

After his mother passed away, Sam Nakamura discovered her  manuscript describing her experiences as a registered nurse from December 7, 1941 in San Luis Obispo, California, until her release from Manzanar War Relocation Camp two years later; pb $19.95

Okage Sama De - The Japanese in Hawaii 1885 - 1985

By Dorothy Ochiai Hazama and Jane Okamoto Komeiji; Island Book Shelf, 1986; pb $19.95


OnlyWhatWeCouldCarry-w.jpg (22834 bytes)

Only What We Could Carry:  The Japanese American Internment Experience

Edited by Lawson Fusao Inada; Heydey Books, 2000

Includes bibliographical references; pb $18.95


Our House Divided - Seven Japanese American Families in World War II 

By Tomi Kaizawa Knaefler; University of Hawaii Press, 1991

With bibliographical references and index; pb $14.95


The Pacific War and Peace - Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Military Intelligence Service 1941 to 1952

By the Military Intelligence Service Association of Northern California and the National Japanese American Historical Society, 1991; pb $10.00


PathToAntei-w.jpg (25923 bytes)

The Path To Antei:  A Japanese American Guide to Financial Success

By Alan Kondo; Alan Kondo, 2003

Antei is a Japanese word meaning financial security and stability; this resource is specifically designed to address Japanese American sensibilities and priorities while providing guidance to invest prudently, reduce taxes and financial risk, and make consistently smart financial decisions; HC $29.95


PeacefulPainter-w.jpg (43730 bytes) Peaceful Painter Hisako Hibi:  Memoirs Of An Issei Woman Artist

Heyday Books, 2004

pb $20.00


PersonalJustice-w.jpg (22622 bytes)

Personal Justice Denied - Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians

Foreward by Tetsuden Kashima; University of Washington Press, 1997; pb $18.95


PostonCampII-w.jpg (58436 bytes)

Poston Camp II, Block 211

By Jack Matsuoka; AACP, Inc., 2003

A revised version of the author's first book of cartoons to illustrate life in the detention camps in which thousands of loyal Japanese American citizens were forced to spend most of the years of WWII; pb $16.95


Reflections - In Three Self-Guided Tours of Manzanar

By the Manzanar Committee, 1998

Includes historic perspective, bibliography, recommended reading list, glossary, maps; pb $8.00


ReminiscingSwingtime-w.jpg (40816 bytes)

Reminiscing in Swingtime:  Japanese Americans in American Popular Music, 1925-1960

By George Yoshida; National Japanese American Historical Society, 1997; pb $24.95


Repairing America:  An Account of the Movement for Japanese-American Redress 

By William Minoru Hohri; pb $10.00


RisingSons-w.jpg (27163 bytes) Rising Sons:  The Japanese American GIs Who Fought For The United States in World War II

By Bill Yenne; St. Martin's Press, 2007

Includes bibliographical references; HC $25.95


SanFranciscoJpntown.jpg (153209 bytes) San Francisco's Japantown (Images of America series)

The Japantown Task Force, Inc.; Arcadia Publishing, 2005

pb $19.99

Sawtelle.jpg (150544 bytes) Sawtelle:  West Los Angeles's Japantown (Images of America series)

By Jack Fujimoto, Ph.D., the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle, and the Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California; Arcadia Publishing, 2007

pb $19.99

ScentFlowers-w.jpg (47348 bytes) A Scent of Flowers:  The History of the Southern California Flower Market, 1912-2004

By Naomi Hirahara; Midori Books, 2004

HC $39.95


SeabrookFarms.jpg (134721 bytes) Seabrook Farms (Images of America series)

By Cheryl L. Baisden; Arcadia Publishing, 2007

Best known for its system of quick-freezing and packaging fresh vegetables, the Seabrook Farms Company was an innovator in farming technique and processing.  At its peak, Seabrook employed 5,000 workers from 25 countries.  Among the most predominant were Japanese Americans who were released from U.S. internment camps during WWII; pb $19.99


Second Kinenhi:  Reflections on Tule Lake

A joint project of John R. & Reiko Katsuyoshi Ross and The Tule Lake Committee, 2000

Largely based on interviews conducted in 1994 and 1996 with former internees of Tule Lake and other camps, as well as on discussions and speeches made at various programs at Tule Lake Pilgrimages; pb $32.95


Shirakawa:  Stories From a Pacific Northwest Japanese American Community

By Stan Flewelling; foreword by Gordon Hirabayashi; White River Valley Museum, 2002

Describes the Japanese American community that flourished in the White River Valley from the beginning of the 20th century until WWII; pb $24.95


SpyInMidst.jpg (108366 bytes) A Spy In Their Midst:  The World War II Struggle of a Japanese-American Hero

The Story of Richard Sakakida as told to Wayne S. Kiyosaki; Madison Books, 1995

Richard Sakakida was the only Japanese American prisoner of the Japanese forces, and he faced death as a "traitor" because of his Japanese face; HC $22.95


StanleyHayami.jpg (42994 bytes) Stanley Hayami, Nisei Son:  His Diary, Letters, & Story From an American Concentration Camp to Battlefield, 1942-1945

Annotated by Joanne Oppenheim; Brick Tower Press, 2008

pb $19.95

StoneBowPrayer-w.jpg (18021 bytes) Stone Bow Prayer

By Amy Uyematsu; Copper Canyon Press, 2005

A collection of poems reflecting the author's life engaged in politics, ancestry and spirit while making a living as a public school math teacher in Los Angeles; pb $14.00


StoriedLives-w.jpg (23758 bytes)

Storied Lives - Japanese American Students and World War II 

By Gary Y. Okihiro; University of Washington Press, 1999

Includes bibliographical reference and index; pb $17.50


StrawberryDays-w.jpg (26587 bytes) Strawberry Days:  How Internment Destroyed a Japanese American Community

By  David A. Neiwert; Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

A recounting of the prosperous Japanese American strawberry farming community in Bellevue, Washington, in the outskirts of Seattle, and its destruction with the bombing of Pearl Harbor; HC $29.95


StubbornTwig-w.jpg (20575 bytes) Stubborn Twig:  Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family

By Lauren Kessler; Oregon Historical Society Press, 2005

The story of the Masuo Yasui family in Oregon's Hood River Valley; pb $25.00


Teacher's Classroom Guide - Honor Bound:  A Personal Journey - The Story of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team - 50 Years Later

Published by National Japanese American Historical Society, Inc.

Based on the video production of the same title; pb $5.00


Teacher's Guide - The Bill of Rights and the Japanese American World War II Experience  

By the National Japanese American Historical Society and San Francisco Unified School District, Department of Integration Staff Development, San Francisco, 1992

Includes historical overview, important dates, lesson plans, appendix; pb $10.00


Ten Visits (Revised)

By Frank and Joanne Iritani; Japanese American National Museum, 1999

Brief accounts of visits to all the Japanese American Relocation Centers of WWII, Internee and Non-Internee Recollections, Struggle for Redress, Internment of Other Groups, Our Non-Nikkei Friends, and other essays; pb $15.95


TheyPainted-w.jpg (23280 bytes)

They Painted From Their Hearts:  Pioneer Asian American Artists

Edited by Mayumi Tsutakawa for the Wing Luke Asian Museum, 1994

This catalog was published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the Wing Luke Asian Museum September 1994 to January 1995; includes directory of Asian American artists in Washington and Oregon; pb $18.00


ThroughDiamond-w.jpg (26643 bytes)

Through A Diamond:  100 Years of Japanese American Baseball

By Kerry Yo Nakagawa; Rudi Publishing, Inc., 2001

Includes bibliographical references and index; HC $35.00


Through Harsh Winters:  The Life of an Japanese Immigrant Woman

By Akemi Kikumura; Chandler & Sharp Publishers, 1981; pb $18.95


TopazMoon-w.jpg (29101 bytes)

Topaz Moon:  Chiura Obata's Art of the Internment

Edited with text by Kimi Kodani Hill; Heyday Books, 2000

More than 100 of Obata's sketches, sumi paintings, and watercolors from the internment period, collected and edited by his granddaughter, Kimi Kodani Hill.  This collection, augmented by letters and interviews, gives testament to an artistic genius and a spirit undefeated by adversity; pb $22.50


Transforming the Past - Tradition and Kinship Among Japanese Americans  

By Sylvia Junko Yanagisako; Stanford University Press, 1985; pb $20.00


Triumphs of Faith:  Stories of Japanese-American Christians During World War II

Edited by Victor N. Okada; Japanese-American Internment Project, 1998; HC $25.00


TuleLakeRevisited-w.jpg (25005 bytes)

Tule Lake Revisited:  A Brief History and Guide to the Tule Lake Internment Camp Site

By Barbara Takei and Judy Tachibana; T&T Press, 2001

With bibliographical references; pb/spiral bound $14.95


TwiceOrphaned-w.jpg (33464 bytes) Twice Orphaned:  Voices from the Children's Village of Manzanar

By Catherine Irwin; Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton, 2008

Nearly a hundred orphaned Japanese American children, taken from three coastal California institutions, were interned at Manzanar's Children's Village; a description of the double abandonment they experiences, first by their parents, then by their country; pb $19.95


Uchinanchu - A History of Okinawans in Hawaii 

By the Ethnic Studies Oral History Project, United Okinawan Association of Hawaii; University of Hawaii, 1981

Includes bibliography and index; limited quantity, out-of-print; HC $25.00


UnlikelyLiberators-w.jpg (26359 bytes)

Unlikely Liberators - The Men of the 100th and 442nd

By Masayo Duus, Peter Duus; University of Hawaii Press, 1987

HC $24.95


VoicesHealing-w.jpg (39326 bytes)

Voices of Healing:  Spirit and Unity After 9/11 in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

Organization of Chinese Americans; Edited by Icy Smith; Organization of Chinese Americans and East West Discovery Press, 2004; HC $24.95


What Did the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean?

Readings selected and introduced by Alice Yang Murray; St. Martin's Press, 2000; pb $15.00


YearsInfamy-w.jpg (31813 bytes)

Years of Infamy:  The Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps  

By Michi Nishiura Weglyn; University of Washington Press, updated, 1996; pb $18.95

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